Been reading stories online lately so I figure I'd share my own. I haven't really thought about these experiences in a while but the other day I was reading about shadow people and the 'Hat Man'.

I didn't know the 'Hat Man' was a phenomenon that many people have experienced. One day when I was about 10, I decided to go over to my mom’s friend’s house and play with his daughter. He had 8 acres of woods so I'd walk the paths to get there.

I walked these woods all the time. We had paths all throughout them. So I got there about noon, was there for a few hours, and was on my way back home. I was maybe 200ft from where the woods opened up into a field when about 50ft to my right, I saw a shadow person leaning on a small tree.

Probably 6ft tall, average build, and I could see the brim of a hat, but it was completely black like, solid black. The only way I can describe it is that it looked like one of those shadow cut outs that are slouched and leaning that people buy and put on the sides of their garages and whatnot.

But it wasn't completely slouched over, just leaning. I started walking slowly, staring at it, and asking myself why he would put one of those in the middle of his woods. So, a little freaked out, I walked home quickly.

When I got home, I asked my mom to call and ask him about it. I just knew it wasn't supposed to be there. She called and asked him and he had no idea what I was talking about. I actually submitted a story earlier titled "Phantom Horse".

Both of these events took place in the same woods. From shadow figures to the 6-8 ft clearing talked about in the previous story, I'd say they were maybe 400 ft. apart and happened maybe 4-5 years apart.

Although when we heard the phantom horse my mom’s friend did not own the woods at the time. When he bought the property, it was originally 16 acres but he didn't want that much property. So he and a friend of his split it, each buying 8 acres.

He no longer lives in the house built on his side of the 8 acres but his friend still lives on her side of the 8 acres. She and her partner say they hear things all the time. I know, it's woods, so you're going to hear things.

But they have a spot light mounted on the corner of their house pointing directly into the thickest part of the woods. A few times they have been outside at night on the porch and heard what they describe as a horse running full speed through the woods.

They will flip the spotlight on and there will be nothing. And it’s a powerful light. It almost lights clear through the woods. And you can kind of tell the difference between a horse and deer running. Horses have bigger hooves, making a deeper and more solid 'thud' upon hitting the ground.

Deer have smaller hooves that are separated in the middle, making a softer sound upon impact. Also, horses have a 4 beat gallop, meaning each hoof hits the ground at a separate time creating a deep thundering sound when they are in full run.

Deer do not gallop. They kind of have a jumping sprint. Just figured I'd throw that in there because I am the type of person to find a logical explanation for things before calling them paranormal. But I can't seem to come up with anything.

Another time I saw the hat man was in my bedroom. I was probably 15. It was about 11pm and I was getting ready to go to bed. So I turned on a small desk lamp I had, shut my main light off, and got in bed.

That's when I noticed a cowboy looking shadow to my right that went up my wall and half way across my ceiling directly above me. I thought it was something in my room making it so I just tried to go to sleep. But I couldn't.

Every time I opened my eyes it’s all I saw. So I got up and started moving things around and nothing I had even created a shadow that big. Then I realized that from where the lamp was placed that all the shadows in my room were going in the opposite direction the cowboy.

So I got back in bed and stared at it for about 10 minutes. I wasn't necessarily scared, just a little uneasy with an 8ft cowboy hovering over me. I drifted to sleep and woke up sometime throughout the night to readjust and go back to sleep.

I opened my eyes and it was gone. No shadows on my wall or ceiling whatsoever. I have many more experiences but feel these ones are long enough as it is.

Story credit: Marianne | OH.


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Phantom Horse