A Humming Lullaby

It has been a while since I last posted a story. Work has been hectic but at least I’ve ‘earned’ a few experiences to share. It happened last month (month of February to be exact).

I just got off from work and was so exhausted from it. I came home late and notice that no one was around and that the only light that was open is from our mini altar which was placed in the corner of our dining room.

I’ve decided to just sit first and relax a bit while waiting for my mom or anyone to come home.

Thinking that I was alone, I didn’t bother to open the lights in our 2nd floor of the house. I rested my back and put up my ear phones for some music to make me calm down.

All the music that I have in my ipod was installed and picked by me so I knew all the music that was on my list. I closed my eyes and sung the lyrics of my music inside my head.

After a couple of minutes, I felt odd about my surroundings so I opened my eyes and paused my ipod and look around only to see that the lights from our 2nd floor were already opened.

I assumed that probably it was my sister so I ignored it and closed my eyes. I played my ipod again and wait for the next music to play. When I heard that the music started to play, I automatically think of the lyrics but then I told myself that it was strange.

I am not familiar with the music that was already playing! While listening to it I tried to recall if I added some music but I’m absolutely sure that I have not yet updated my ipod.

As I listened again, suddenly I hear sounds as if it was whispering, then a humming sound of a lullaby.

Goosebumps were all over me, I immediately took off the ipod and looked at the screen to check the title but to my surprise it was turned off due to low battery.

I hurriedly called my sister upstairs to tell her what happened but found no one. It seems that im still alone in our house. Then it struck me that probably our clever housemate took a silly game on me again.


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