A New Haunting in my House

For the story to be understood I will detail the events leading up to it. If you don't want to read my sob story and just want to read about the creepy stuff scroll down.

October 25th of 2013 was one of the hardest days of my life.  I lost my uncle Matt unexpectedly after he suffered a heart attack. He was one of five uncles as my mom has five brother and she is the lone sister.

I always enjoyed my uncle Matt because he was extremely funny and just a great guy to hang out with. I never got to see him too much other than holidays and random visits until recently when he moved back in with my grandparents.

He would usually just walk over and bullcrap about football or ask me for help with techy things. Sometimes he would come over and just sit down and not even say anything. He may say one of two things but he would just sit there with a big ass smile on his face.

He really frequented when my mom broke her leg and was on couch rest for weeks. He always made sure she had company, cigarettes, and made sure my cat got way more treats than he was supposed to.

My brother and I were doing what we do every Friday night in the fall. Watching our high school's football team. Both teams were somewhat of a Cinderella story.

Heading into week 9 both as one-loss teams was unheard of for either program. We both boasted stinggy defenses and high powered offenses.

The contrast being the style of offense where Mount Union were hurled to success by their very talented quarterback, and us (Tussey Mountain) were one of the top 150 most productive rushing offenses in the entire country with two rushers over 1,000 yards and a third over 700.

Oddly enough, it was our defense that made a statement first picking off MU's quarterback on the second play of the game and returning it inside the red zone. On a 4th and goal play we picked up the touch down catching them off guard with a play action pass over the defense into the back of the end zone.

Not to be outdone Mount Union quickly rebounded with a touchdown of their own and a second one before half time to hold a 14-7 lead on us. We scored the only points in the third quarter to make it 14-13 going into the fourth quarter.

This was an exciting game considering we are used to putting up 40+ points a game by this time. We scored again in the fourth to make it 19-14 after failing a two point conversion. On the ensuing kick off, as Mount Union has done to us so many times before, they returned the kick for a touchdown to regain the lead 21-19.

Another Mount Union touchdown added to their lead 27-19 but by blocking their extra point we kept it a one score game. With just minutes to go and my Titans driving down the field in what was by the far the most exciting game I remember watching, besides losing what could possibly ruin this night, right?

That is when I got a text message from my mom. At 9:23 pm I got two messages, "Come home now" and "Please." I asked why. Mom said "Matt is dead." My mom has a habit of taking the worst case scenario and expressing it as if it has already happened.

I'm thinking to myself that maybe my uncle wrecked his Harley. He loved that bike and he would ride that thing like it was his job. I couldn't stand it because after my uncle and his girlfriend split up, he moved back with my gram and pap who live next door to me.

He would park that bike at our house under our patio roof to keep it out of the rain. This place also happened to be right under my bedroom so on his days off work, that thing would be fired up as early as 6 am.

Every time my mom would hear about a motorcycle accident, she assumed it was uncle Matt and she would start panicking and in her mind, he was already laying on the road dead somewhere. I assumed this was another one of those cases.

At this point in the game there was less than a minute left. Fourth down and whatever to go, we bust a huge play and take it in for a touchdown. 27-25 is the score. Then mom tells me that my uncle Matt is laying on the floor dead.

That's when I got that numbing/cold feeling through my body and it felt like someone just punched me in the stomach. We miss the two point conversion so the score stays the same. Mom replied back that they were doing CPR.

So there's hope right? They wouldn't do that if he was already dead. I asked my mom if it was a heart attack. I am so focused on my phone right now, too numb to move, waiting for a darn answer to find out what is going on, I barely heard that Tussey recovered the onside kick. Nothing from mom.

I called my aunt and my uncle who just left the game to let them know what was going on. While I am talking to them, I watch the play unfold on the field, our quarterback sheds a tackler keeping the play alive, and with time winding down he launches a high arcing pass down the field only to be intercepted inside the red zone.

The game is over. I just watched one of the most exciting endings to a football I have ever seen at any level, and I could not give a haha about it. I hang up. I had trouble making myself move. Then mom says they're taking him to the hospital.

Also a good sign right?

The whole time I'm driving home, I keep telling myself that he's fine. I'm going to get home, they're going to say that he pulled through and he's in the hospital recovering. It was only a half hour drive from the game but it seemed so much longer.

When we get home, there was probably twenty people standing outside my grandparents' house. I parked my car and walked over to them waiting to be proven right. I never hated being wrong as much as I did at that moment.

They pronounced him dead in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

I was surrounded by all these people. Most of them I knew, some of them I've never seen before, but we all shared a common bond. We all loved my uncle Matt and we were all hurting. I walked inside and I witnessed sorrow that I hope I never do again.

In the living room sat my gram, a woman who just lost one of her children. I can't speak from personal experience, but I can only assume that is the worst pain a person can go through. I couldn't do it.

I had to leave. I stood out in the cold for I don't even know how long. My neighbor, a girl I've known since elementary school came up to me and without saying anything gave me a big hug. After we hugged, she asked if I was okay, and I said, I don't even know right now.

She braved the cold with me even though I told her she could go inside and get warm but she didn't want to leave me alone.

Then a familiar car came down the road. My cousin Coty, my Uncle Matt's oldest son pulled in. He had no clue what was going on. He showed up with his usual big smile on his face and came over to me and said asked what was going on? I said, "You have no idea what is going on?" He said no, he was just told my a cousin of his from his mom's side of the family he needed to go to his gram's.

I didn't know what to do. I was the only person outside from the family and I didn't know how my gram would handle him walking in there, so I did the hardest thing I ever had to do. I told my cousin, who I've always thought of as a little brother, that his dad had a heart attack.

He quickly lost his smile and stood there stunned. Then I told him, that his dad didn't make it. He asked where they took him and I told him, so he left. He seemed completely emotionless. I realized that I had no clue when my mom would be home from the hospital or how she would be handling things.

My brother and I decided to try to make things easier on mom and we knew that there would be a lot of traffic coming in and out our house as well as gram's. We cleaned the house. Partly for mom and partly to try to distract us from the events of the night.

After we were done we stood in the kitchen and I noticed it said I had a new voice mail. It turned out to be one of those famous voice mails delivered hours after it should have been. I played it and it was my mom.

It sounded like she was performing CPR on my uncle. Listening to that voice mail was the first time in the whole night that I started to cry. Moments later my mom walked in the door. She stood there for a second and then I saw tears building up, I walked over and I hugged my mom for what seemed like five minutes. We both cried.

I have never cried so hard in my life. Not even as an eight year old when my parents split up did I cry like this.

The rest of the night was basically numbness and small talk. My mom finally went to bed after hours and was no doubt due to sheer exhaustion. I couldn't even get myself to do that.

The next day was much of the same. Being careful what you say to avoid the situation but not wanting to make it seem like you've already forgotten about it.

This is where the paranormal-esque part begins.

The day after my uncle Matt passed was the first that the little things started to happen. Simple stuff. My brother and I were watching a college football game because well, that's how we spend our Saturdays. In the next room I heard what sounded like someone lifting the paper tray on the printer then letting it fall shut.

I thought it was the cat because he likes to sit on the printer and look out the window. I got up to make sure he didn't break anything and as I was standing up I noticed he was sleeping under the kitchen table at my mom's feet.

He's a very loving cat and he knew she was hurting so he was her buddy that day. Everyone was accounted for but I know what I heard, because mom and Jordan both asked what it was. A few hours later my mom noticed the phone lit up.

She picked it up and it said Line In Use. We were all downstairs, the only other phone that could have caused the phone to say that was upstairs. When I clicked the button and held the phone up to my ear, there was no dial tone, but no voice or anything. When I hung up the phone, the Line In Use was there, then went away like someone hung up.

Checking again, this time there was a dial tone. I suppose this could easily be written off as a glitch in the phone but for it to happen this day and for the first time after having the same phones for years seems a little too coincidental if you ask me. Also, if you are wondering, no, this never happened again.

A few weeks later, on the same exact night, my mom and I both had dreams about uncle Matt. They were both pretty much the same dream as well. He was in our dreams, but he never really said anything. He would just appear, and sit there and smile. Typical uncle Matt.

One of his silent visits. This part may make you people think I'm an butthole, or you may get a chuckle out of it, but being the paranormal enthusiast I am, in my dream I remember thinking to myself "I wonder if I can get this on camera." I have had similar dreams, I would say almost weekly. Its the same thing every time. He just sits there, he looks so happy. My cousin Coty even mentioned one night he keeps having dreams about his dad, but quickly stopped talking about it.

One night my brother and I were sitting in the living room watching tv while mom was at work and we got blasted with this absolutely frigid air. It felt like someone opened the door to a freezer. I thought maybe the kitchen door didn't latch and blew open.

It didn't make sense because it wasn't even cold that night but that doesn't matter because the door was shut and locked. This has now happened a few more times, and one time it came from the opposite direction. I have absolutely no explanation for this. We were sitting on opposite sides of the room when it happened so it was just some little draft or whatever.

A little before Christmas we got hit with some significant snow. I finished shoveling my car out and my mom a path from where she parks to the sidewalk for when she got home from work.

I started walking over to pap and gram's to shovel their sidewalk and I looked up and I saw uncle Matt standing in the living room window looking out at me. I was so certain it was him I stopped and stared for a few seconds. I looked away and saw my uncle Stacey's truck sitting at my gram's so I thought maybe it's just Stacey.

Even though the two look nothing alike this is what I told myself. 

Christmas was definitely different this year. I could tell my gram was hurting but as she stated before Thanksgiving, she has five other kids and thirty plus grandkids that she loves and that even though her life will never be the same, Matt wouldn't want her to be upset.

At one point when part of the family was gathered in the room with the tree in it, mom was showing them what pap and gram got. Someone said something, and both my mom and my cousin Jennifer heard uncle Matt laughing then saying something like "yeah."

Two days ago when we were in the negative degrees, I started my new job. I woke up, and Aly was at my feet meowing and acting weird so I knew something was up. He usually does this to let me know something isn't right. Sometimes its as simple as he made a mess and it needs cleaned up before my mom finds out or something along those lines.

As soon as I asked what was wrong he went downstairs. I followed him and knew what was wrong. It was freezing inside the house. I looked at the thermostat and it said 40 degrees, and I believe that was a generous number because it only goes down to 40.

I tried to turn the heat up but the furnace wouldn't kick on. I got ready for work and I told mom. I certainly couldn't be late on my first day. Considering we just got oil delivered, I didn't think we could be out already.

We have plenty of electric heaters so I wasn't worried about the house getting too cold now that people would be awake.

When I got home my mom was in an extremely good mood. The house was warm. And I swear she was waiting for me to get home. As soon as I got home, first she made me go up town to get her cigarettes.

But as soon as I got home from that she asked if I believed in guardian angels. I said no. And she said she has one and his name is Matt. I asked what she meant and she told me she tried everything she could to get the furnace running.

She went in the basement to bleed it, reset it a couple times, and nothing. She finally gave it a swift kick and what do you know...nothing. But she told me she before walking out of the basement she begged and said, "Matt, can you please help me out?" She said as soon as she said that, the furnace fired right up and hasn't acted up since.

I can't verify this, but I do know the furnace was not working, and now it is and hasn't acted up since.  She was so happy about it she even posted the story on Facebook.

Last night, I had another one of my dreams. I was over at gram's and I was in the kitchen throwing something away and when I turned around uncle Matt was standing in the corner leaning up against the counter.

I sat there for a second, then I said "I don't care if this is just a dream" and I walked over and I gave uncle Matt a huge hug and I told him I missed him. It felt so real. Is this a normal part of grieving? I've never lost anyone this close to me so I don't know.

All I know is, that I can't explain the things that have been happening since uncle Matt passed away. All three of us in this house has experienced stuff.

I'm assuming the dreams are just part of me missing him. I still see his Jeep everyday and it makes me wonder when he's going to come over to borrow my car cleaning stuff. Or hell, I still wait for him to get home from the hospital so I can tell him he's an jerk for scaring us like he did.

I miss the amazing pork he used to make and bring over for me to taste test. What I wouldn't give to be woken up by that gosh darn Harley again.

Story Credit: Joshua F. PA


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