A Respectful Hello Upstairs

A Respectful Hello Upstairs

In May of 2006 I moved into an old, row house, renting an upstairs room.My uncle was renting the room off of the kitchen down stairs. I had just split from a 20 year relationship.

I was sad but glad to be with family. On the first night, i came home late and found the three other people who lived in the upstairs rooms sleeping in the parlor.

I thought nothing and went to the room atop the stairs laid down and passed out.

In the morning, I went downstairs for coffee with my uncle. The first thing he asked me was, "Did you hear or feel anything strange last night? No, why? "Because no one will sleep up stairs, not even the guy who owns the place.

We're pretty sure the upstairs is haunted! See what you can sense up there, Dave. I told him to let no one up stairs at all for any reason just for tonight.

That night I blacked out the window from the moon light, pushed the old, metal latch door handle shut tight. Then I sat on the edge of my bed facing the large mirror that was on the long dresser across the room.

Then I shut off the light and started to talk into the darkness of this room upstairs. I told them I respect them, I asked permission to stay up stairs and then I asked them to answer me from their upstairs world.

That's when the metal latch popped up but the door did not come open. A moment later, a bright, red dot of light started to randomly show itself in front of me. First, to my left then above me to the right.

Then all of a sudden, my left arm and leg began to raise goosebumps and my adrenaline shot way up to a sense of being watched, when out of no where, that little red light showed up and got bright enough for me to see the mirror in front of me and in that mirror there was an old women staring right in my face but there was "no one" standing in front of me.

I then grabbed the hanging string to the light and pulled it right out.

The light was on and the room was empty. I kind of blew a breath with wide eyes and said, " WOW, you really put a scare into me" and just then, that door popped open enough for me to see a lady in a blue nightgown and with white hair turn down the flight of stairs out side my door.

A few seconds went by and then I looked down the stairs and should have seen someone. There was no one. The next morning was Saturday and I went down for coffee around 8 a.m.

My uncle and Ed the owner where sitting in the kitchen, I told them what had happened with the red light and the old lady with the blue nightgown going down the stairs.

At that moment Ed got up and pulled out a photo album and pointed to a picture of a lady in a blue nightgown standing in front of a christmas tree with her back to the camera when the picture was snapped.

I said," I'm pretty sure that's who I saw?'He told me in tears that it was his wife during the holidays of 1986. He said she died in her sleep up stairs in 1988. I stayed another 6 weeks but I never seen or heard anything again.



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