A Skeptic's Ghost Story

Have you ever had friends who just think the idea that ghosts exist is absolutely crazy? Perhaps they’ve openly criticized you for believing that there is a possibility that there are things that are outside the normal day-to-day physical world?

Maybe you’ve even been ridiculed for asserting that some things simply aren’t measurable and repeatable in a laboratory? 

We’ve all had that discussion, no matter what side of the fence you stand on, some people believe in “ghosts” or “spirits,” whereas others think it is simply a fallacy of logic, a failure to see the truth, or people misinterpreting simple stimuli for something otherworldly. 

Regardless of your stance on the issue, almost everyone has had something strange happen to them. Before going on any further, I must admit, I often have had doubts about the things I’ve experienced as to whether they were “legitimate” supernatural encounters, if such a thing exists.

With that said, I’ve recited the same stories over and over to friends who were interested. There is one friend, let’s call him “B” who simply states he doesn’t believe in ghosts.

His reasoning is that ghosts would not come back from the dead simply to rearrange your things or give you a good scare (come on, who wouldn’t, right?). 

So after about a year of knowing this guy, he finally breaks down and says that he had these two experiences as a kid. He reassured me that what he saw weren’t ghosts, but probably just some vivid hallucination.

He believes that being young and having a developing brain contribute to seeing or imagining surprisingly real hallucinations of ghosts as a child. It’s an interesting stance, but listen first to what he reportedly saw. 

B said one night, he awoke to see a ghostly man standing near his closet, the man approached him and put his face directly up to B’s face. After having the living crap scared out of him, he cried for his mother, and his mother came.

The ghost he saw disappeared. Not long after that, B once again saw something of a ghostly nature.

He said the thing appeared more like a mist and didn’t have a real human body shape, but flew at a high rate of speed through his wall, directly over his face and out the other wall.

He didn’t report being as scared as the prior occasion. 

He stressed he didn’t believe this to be a true story of ghostly activity. I told him it was interesting and left it at that.

What do you think? Is there a possibility that all we believe to be ghostly activity could simply be our minds playing tricks on us? Could it all be a coincidence?

The longer I am away from these strange happenings, and the older I get, the more I doubt the veracity of the majority of stories I hear.

It’s not that I believe that people are lying, but rather that people may be confused, or simply in such a state of shock upon seeing, or experiencing strange things that they may believe that what they are experiencing is a legitimate ghost encounter.

I have to admit, I’ve had very strange experiences, but looking back, perhaps there was some logical (though not obvious) explanation. 

I always leave open the possibility of this phenomena’s existence, after all, science still has many gaps and we haven’t even found the Higg’s boson for sure yet!

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