Active Spirits in my Home!

I don't know where to start. It's nothing serious right now. And based on my research from mine and my husbands recent unexplainable experiences in our home, I'm worried that these lets call "mild", events could get worse. It started off with our two year old son not being able to sleep very well.

He would cry in protest as either my husband or I would carry him into his room at bedtime. Which isn't really unusual, we know what two year likes going to bed? It was his manner that puzzled us, where he would get out of bed and scream bloody murder and pound on his door to be let out.

Or couldn't go to sleep unless one of us was lying down with him, either in his bed or ours where we would move him back to his room after he fell asleep. He's been very apprehensive, and tense when we start his nightly bedtime routine.

About two weeks ago he woke up crying and my husband and I noticed scratch marks on his back that weren't there before putting him to bed. And tonight, long after our two year old fell asleep, my husband was carrying our youngest child, to the bedroom he shares with his brother and just outside their bedroom my husband was sure our two year old was awake cause he could hear A child's voice in their room, he said it sounded like humming and the usual cooing noises a small child makes but our son was fast asleep.

Strange little occurrences have been happening in other parts of the house too, my kids toys going off, the lamp in our living room tipping over while my husband and I were lying on the couch, noises that we can hear from a different room while were in another. It's puzzling and frankly I'm starting to get creeped out. There's more but I think I'll stop here for now. My husbands mother is coming over tomorrow to smudge the whole house so we'll see if that helps things... Comments are appreciated.

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