Admitting I'm Being Haunted Again

Throughout the 5 years my husband and I have lived in our house, strange things have happened that we have ignored. This past week, I couldn't ignore my dog's collar which we don't have her wear inside but when she goes we keep it with her leash in our mudroom and it vanished.

I looked everywhere, moved a bench looked on every hook and any other random place it may have been placed accidentally, two days later it appeared on the bench in the mudroom on top of the leash my husband used the night before to let her out with a slip knot due to the fact we couldn't locate her collar.

That freaked me out...I found myself fighting with him trying to have him admit to where he located it because I had search EVERYWHERE for it. This led me to start connecting all the strange things we have had happen.

A very random but very distinct thing that has happened to both of us separately is hearing voices of people talking that we think is strange and when ignored they get louder almost as if they move to right next to us only to stop abruptly.

The week before the collar disappearance happened, I heard girls screaming and laughing in a somewhat playful manner.

I couldn't determine where they were, only that when I turned my tv off it occurred 2 more times and knew it was real, we have 3 neighbors and are homeowners. I checked and saw 2 neighbors weren't home and the people across the street were not outside.

I was so sure I heard them close I turned the front and back outside lights on closed all the blinds and peered out every window to find nothing. I have contacted a paranormal investigator and have briefly talked and scheduled a time tomorrow to discuss everything more detailed due to our work schedules being different.

To summarize the random events throughout the years, numerous times I am doing the laundry and go down to get the stuff outta the dryer to find the door opened exactly at a 45 angle and never starts, strange loud noises I blame on my mischievous cat only to find her right next to me, the feeling of being watched when I am showering and home alone and sometimes a small black movement outta the corner of my left eye when I am doing laundry.

I have always told myself its in your head and ignored everything even the voices of conversation or the girls laughing and screaming the other week but the collar was very clear it was gone for days and reappeared in plain sight where it should be.

Unrelated, I believe in my consistent weird/bad dreams. What is your take on this? 10 years ago I also had a very apparent and intense haunting in a house I rented. Nothing again till my husband and I moved to our current house. Can this even be related?

Anonymous submission.


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