An Existence

An Existence

When my friend invited me to stay with him for a long weekend, I was only too happy to oblige. His house is around 2 hours drive from Pune(India) and in the rich sugarcane farm zone. He himself is very rich. And who does not want to be pampered for few days without any real work? I accepted.

But he is also a very keen researcher in the field of occult so this invitation must have some angle to that, I thought. But then I knew it will all come out in a good time so I did not ask.

I told him that I will take a bus from Pune on Thursday evening which he said was not required. He would send a car on Friday morning and to pick me up.

The car did arrive late morning and after breakfast on the way, by the time we reached his home it was almost lunch time. His house is a two story bungalow that was built around sixteen years back. It was a farm land that was converted to the residential area. There was nothing picturesque about the house as such.

Not much of a show-off but a plain, solid house with rooms that have most of the basic facilities and few good quality guests rooms with air-conditioning. My friend took me to one of these AC rooms on the second floor which had a balcony that opened into the main entrance of the house.

I came downstairs after a while and we chatted about this and that, had lunch and then went for a leisurely and long afternoon siesta. To cut the long story short, we did practically nothing the whole day and when I went to the room given to me, I had slept 4-5 hours in the day time with very little or no physical exertion.

From our conversation I had guessed that there was a peculiarity about the room that was given to me and I was supposed to experience something. But I did not know what it was going to be, neither was I given any clue.

I looked at everything in the room. It was a perfectly normal guest room. Only thing that did not fit in was a small cupboard. It was not from the new furniture and looked different. When I opened it to my surprise I found seventy odd small red wax objects with different colors.

Now these were not the candles. These are specific shapes that can be enlightened at night for a very dim sort of light.

The shapes has six sides and a very specific form. These are used in the rituals that I had only vaguely heard about and what I had heard was not good.

So this visit was related to this wax objects That much I understood and then I tried to go to sleep.

It did not come easily and when it came it was late. I was half-anticipating that I will wake up in the night sometime and witness what my friend wanted to me see. But nothing happened. I was woken up by my friend at 7.30 in the morning asking me to get ready for a small but pleasant trek.

Before leaving the room I checked in the cupboard. For a brief second I had a feeling that numbers of wax lights were less that what I had seen last night. But then I might have been wrong. This time I counted and left the room

This day was exactly opposite to the previous one. The "pleasant" trek turned out to be a six mile hike and a steep climb in the nearby hilly area. To make the matters worse my friend had bought no food with him and I realized that we can get something only when we walk back to the town. Then the rain came.

Finally we reached the house past noon, tired, wet and hungry. Post lunch my friend decided to show me his new private workout room.

Once again to summarize, on that day I did so much physical activity that I was dead tired by 9.30, skipped the dinner and somehow staggered into my room for the well deserved rest.

At the back of my mind I had started to think of this as some sort of practical joke that my friend was playing on me. I went to sleep the moment I hit the bed . I woke up at 2.30 AM with a start.

I woke up with sensation of numbing fear inside me. Nothing has changed in the room but all of a sudden I understood that this is relayed to what my friend wanted to me experience. At this moment the room was empty but something was about to enter the room.

Perhaps there was someone on the staircase. I always respect feeling of fear.

This is what the God has built into all of us and it must have been there since our creation thousands of year back. I was about to come into contact with something that also existed since our creation and our paths were not supposed to cross.

But something had gone wrong, the rule was broken and my primitive instinct was telling me to protect myself at any cost.

I wondered what my friend had brought me up against and started to pray quietly. Remember that even now there was nothing in the room and my feeling that someone was about enter the room could have been a pure imagination.

Only argument that was against it was the fear. It is not the sort of fear one feels when one watches horror movie alone at night. That is very superficial. My experience is that real fear or hatred towards the abnormal cannot be artificially generated, neither does it show typical symptoms of fear that well all know.

Well, what was on the staircase perhaps was also in two minds whether to enter or not. I was not sure whether the prayer would help but I knew that the faith would.

No matter how it is implemented, in what religion it is expressed, the faith in the God always helps. So I continued praying and thinking at the same time.

At the physical level I did what any other person would have done. I was just lying in the bed without moving a muscle.

Finally whatever that was outside made up its mind and entered the room. I will not describe in great detail. Mainly because I could not see much myself as there was hardly any light and in my opinion for an existence at that level our dimensions of color and shape do not matter.

To me, it looked like an overgrown cat that slides ahead instead of walking. Whatever it was, it did not have any legs as such or at least I could not see them.

It was grayish with tinge of black. Moved slowly and in one direction. The room temperature was dropping and it was like an extra dimension was added to the room.

Something that was not supposed to operate in our world had been summoned and now there would be consequences.

The "cat" continued to slide or slither towards the cupboard. There was a very mild hissing sort of sound which was definitely not breathing sound.

But the thing was doing something that was causing this. I started to feel very acute pain in my temple region. All this must have happened in may by less that a minute. That means the speed of the "cat" was not really that slow either.

But then I don't think our understanding of time makes any difference here. What had entered was eternal and had its own set of rule and units. It clouded your mind by its sheet presence that intention.

The presence was near the cupboard now. If the cupboard door opened I did not hear it. At that time the pain was unbearable and I moved. It was a mistake. A very big mistake and perhaps my luck and sadhana saved me that night.

For a second hissing sound stopped. Mind you, there was no one looking at me as such. But it had shifted the focus somehow. I could sense that. The scene changed for a perhaps two seconds. Very quickly few images went past my eyes.

I had a quick glimpse of ritual being carried out, the "cat" being forcefully summoned from the evil but secluded zone it existed in and the anger that the "cat" felt at those who had done this. It did not have thinking capacity and could not bifurcate one human being from the other.

It was angry and did not know what to do.

I continued to pray. This lasted for few seconds and the focus shifted again. I don't know what happened after that. I feel bit ashamed to admit but I think I lost consciousness. Perhaps finally the basic protection inside me started to work and did what was required to save my soul.

I woke up next morning at 6.30 AM, very tired and fatigued with lot of body pain. But there was no fever and the muscle pain must be because of the physical exercise carried out on the last day.

I checked in the cupboard, two more wax things were missing. I was convinced about two things. This is not what my friend wanted to me see. He was whimsical to a certain extent but not stupid and cruel.

There was difference in our levels of sensitivity and I had seen what he did not anticipate.

Also what had entered the room yesterday was not a ghost. It was a thing that existed in the zone about which we are totally unaware and was summoned by someone for a specific purpose. This is beyond any mortal crime.

This is like crossing the boundaries that the nature has defined for us and the consequences can be really very bad for whoever was doing it.

It can be dumb but we don't know their world, their powers, their hunger and reasons for their existence.

I also think I realized the reason behind the strange behavior of my friend for the last two days but did not understand the logic. I was not tired and hence must have slept lightly on the first day.

On that day I noticed nothing even though the same set of events must have taken place that night also.

On the second day I was dead tired and must have slept like a log. Still I reacted to the presence and woke up when the danger was around.

So there was a certain link between being soundly asleep and sensing the presence. Generally it is other way around but this case was different I guess.

Any way the second question I had was why my friend had put me in this situation ? Did he not realize the danger or what he had seen is something different.

I asked all this in the morning. He answered truthfully. Yes, he was aware of the connection between quality of sleep and the experience. That's why he ensured I remain in completely different physical state on both the days. He did not know the reason.

But he used that room for himself during his sister's marriage for a week and from his own experiences his drew this conclusion which proved to be correct. I was very cautious and guarded in explaining what I had seen.

I did not share all, as this is a very dark and dangerous area. But my friend had not seen what I had seen. What he had sensed at the similar time was cupboard door opening and closing sound when there was no wind. In the morning he used to find few wax objects missing.

Less than half of what were there originally were remaining now.

I asked him where he got these objects from, he told me he purchased those along with the cupboard exactly a week before his sister's marriage from one exhibition.

The person who was selling those had no customer at his stall and my friend just our of curiosity went there and ended up buying those at very cheap price.

The conversation ended there. All I have to say is I convinced him to throw the thing away by separating the wax objects and the cupboard. I did not mention the shape, neither did I mention the theory of summoning the existence or the short scenes that had passed before my eyes that night.

I was more or less clear in my mind though.

Certain tantrik in that small town was practicing something that he was not supposed to do. It was evil and to get something from the other world for assistance was even worse. Things work well for a while when you are in control of things but a slight mistake and in most of the cases the first victim is the master itself.

I apologize to the readers for not going into any more details than required but believe me it is better if this is not explored further. Those who leave by the sword die by it. Any way, my friend listened to my advice and disposed of the cupboard and the wax shapes separately.

As to connection between quality of sleep and the experience I do not have any answer. That is the way it worked and better if we leave it at that.

Anonymous Submission.

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