First I just want to say that I've never had such a dream before like the one I'm about to describe. Never. I haven't been stressed out at all either so I'm really baffled by how I could of had such a dream.

There were several parts of my dream but I'll start with the part that lead to the "ghost."

I remember someone telling me about a forest that was off limits and oddly enough I was interested in going. I remember floating there with a man I can't say I know. When we got to the woods and stood on the path before the woods, I didn't want to enter. I felt that there was something wrong as there were voices in the air so I told the man who was with me that we should wait for someone to arrive before entering (I said someone’s name, but I can't remember it.)

We turned around to leave but I soon found myself in a dark room and rather than being with the guy, I was now with a girl who again, I didn't recognize. I stood in front of a book shelf and the voices around me were getting louder. I remember asking out loud to show me which book to pick up when the girl next to me then pointed me towards another room that was around the corner.

As we entered, I went up to a dresser and started touching some of the things. That's when I turned around and saw a girl lying on the bed with her eyes closed but she was mumbling something at me.

I couldn't make anything out so I got closer to her and I think she was trying to tell me that something was holding her back (from what, I don't know). The atmosphere of the room suddenly changed and it didn't feel safe anymore so I said out loud, "I am an angel and I am protected."

Just after I said that, a closet opened from behind me and a dark figure rushed over to me screaming - it was completely black and angry and I didn't know why but I kept saying the same thing over and over, "I am an angel and I am protected." As the "ghost" stood over me and everything became black, everything soon turned white. Even though I couldn't see the figure, I knew it was still there - I could feel it.

I found myself wondering when I was going to wake up but I pushed the thought away and told myself to continue with my prayer. Sometimes a black blurry face would pop up in front of me but somehow I wasn't as scared as I really was. At some point I couldn't even speak but mumble and I remembered the girl on the bed and how she was mumbling to herself too.

Since I wasn't able to speak, I thought my prayer instead and shortly after saying my prayer a few more times, I woke up; a few minutes before my alarm was to go off.

Story Credit: Sarah | Virginia.


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