Another Night at our House

I have been aware of the Paranormal all my life really! My Grandfather was able to raise spirits , and he scared anyone who did not believe he could. So my family always said it was better to ignore them, and they would go away.

We own and Operate an Assisted Living Facility here in WV. I have operated the facillity for over 20 yrs. , and have seen many people pass away . I have always known that we had something in our house really any house that I have lived in.

As I stated I just was able to ignore them, until my GrandChildren moved in with us. My Grandson Kenny age 4 at the time asked who Frank was , I went on to tell him that Frank was married to my sister Robin.

He replyed not that Frank this one has long hair and red on his face and he is dead. When I asked him how Frank died he told me that he had a car wreck on the road behind our house.

Our house is next to Interstate 64 and we have seen many wrecks there during the time we have lived here. Kenny first thought that Frank had fallen off a roof , but now says that he was in a wreck.

We had always heard footsteps above us on the second floor , but was willing to think it was the house settling . Kenny has become so scared to go anywhere in our house by himself.

We don't watch any shows that would have made him come to these conclusion's just out of the blue. So I went out and purchased some equipment a couple of night vision cams, an RT EVP real time recorder, the OVILUS X box with the digital readout and a few digital recorders.

Above is just one of many video's we have taken . On the couch in the right side of the video it seems as though something is sitting there. An orb comes from that area as you watch the video.

Also there are many faces that appear and shadows that come and go.We are really at our wit's end and need advice.

We have had a Paranormal Group come into your house, and they used a flashlight test . The Flashlight turned on and off on command 2 different times in 2 different rooms and 2 different flashlights were used with different ways of turning them on.

I have been using our OVILUS and get direct ? answered such as what is your name , how many spirits are here , after asking those ? we get a direct answer. Although Frank has never been given.

It also indicated that we have some type of portal here in our house.

If you are able to watch this video please send us your thoughts. We have heard all the bull about we are faking this video's and it is the light of the camera, and all the other things that if it were true we would not be seeking help.

As I said we own and operate an Assisted Living Facility and do not want publicity given to us . We just want to make sure our Grandchildren are safe and that we are safe.

SO if interested in helping us please get back to us would love to converse with anyone that can give us some constructive advice. God Bless Mark G. [email protected]

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