Approaching Ghosts With Science: Is It Possible

Spiritual research and the study of the paranormal is often within college textbooks called pseudoscience which basically means the field of paranormal investigation is here only for entertainment and to make a buck or two off from scaring people. The thing to me is that nearly anything can be approached scientifically. But how is paranormal research suppose to be scientific when it doesn't follow the proper approach. There are several flaws to the method. 

Just because cameras, recordings, and other fancy devices pick up on what is called paranormal activity doesn't meant the field was approached with scientific intentions. The most that is done here is that a researcher expects to find things at cemeteries, historically haunted houses, and other spooky filled places. However is there any proof that these places show more activity than just the modern home? 

This leads to what I personally want to do. I want to conduct studies in my apartment and than in a cemetery to see if there is different activity. But the problem with that would be different variables. A better study would compare a run down apartment verses my own apartment or a dated hospital verses a new hospital. I would obviously need to get permission for these things but the purpose remains the same. I would want to compare the difference in activity between both places and use that to see if there really is such thing as ghosts and spirit attachment.

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