Are You Still There?

Not too long ago my cat Ollie passed away. I've always kept his collar in my pillow so i could hear his bell ring once more. Recently some things have been happening.

About two weeks ago a familiar scent lingered in my room, the smell of Ollies fur. It was only smelt in my room, it couldn't be smelt anywhere else in the house.

The following night I was feeling low so I sat on the end of my bed and ducked my head in my hands, I looked up and on the opposite side of my room i seen a shadowy haze slowly making its way to the door.

I blinked and it vanished. During that night I woke up,wide awake, but I couldn't move my legs, it felt like someone was sitting on them, it felt really heavy and weighed down. I was mortified. 

Nothing else really happened until last night, I woke up to the sound of something continuously scratching on my door (like a cat or a dog wanting to get in.)

So I opened the door to find nothing but i did see a tiny little white circle dash down the stair wall.

I know its nothing scary but I wasn't really much of a ghost believer until this happened to me. So I thought it would be worth sharing. 

Thanks for reading!

Story credit: Sophie, London. 


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