Backyard Indian Ghost

When I was in 8th grade my family was going through a rough time, financially. My Dad lived in the town we were from, still working at his job, while my Mom, siblings and I lived with my grandparents, four hours away. They live in a very tiny town, down a dirt road that one of my ancestors had built back in the 1800's. My grandparents live in a brand new trailer on their land, with my grandmothers mom living in her old run down trailer about 50 feet behind them.

One evening I was at my Great Grandmothers house spending time with her, until it got to hot (she never uses her a/c) for me to bare. Telling her bye, I started to walk back to my grandparents house. The moon was vaguely out, right before the sun set and it looked amazing, like I can't even fathom how beautiful it looked. So I pulled my phone out to snap a picture or two when I got the sense of someone starring at me from behind my great grandmothers house.

I turned my head and saw a man in native american attire standing by her old, unused chicken coop. Panicking, I started speed walking towards their house. Every few feet I'd turn my head and see that he moved significantly closer, without looking any different as if he were teleporting. The first time, he moved quiet a distance from the coop, to a tractor directly by her fence, then from their to a little car where I'd initially been standing when I first saw him.

From then, I took a straight shot, into the house and looked through the window in the game room that gave you a view of the entire back yard. He had vanished. By now, I had tears pouring down my face and I was breathing heavily. Anyone who knows me, knows I don't run for no reason. I explained to my Mom and Grandma what had happened and them being the Ghost Busters they think they are, they told my Aunt and all four of us went to the chicken coop.

It wasn't an uncomfortable feeling like I'd thought it be, but humid like it was most nights there. My Mom and Aunt took a bunch of pictures in and around the coop with their phones, before the coyotes started howling making us turn back to go home. On the walk back my Grandma distinctly said, "Don't look back.", so of course...all three of us turned around and as we did, made out the figure of a black silhouette of a man, peeking from behind the coop. We then, ran into the house from the back door and told my Grandpa. He then, went and looked, saw nothing and came back in.

Later when we looked at the pictures, my brother in 1st grade at the time made out what looked like a baby's face in the corner of the coop. Since then I've graduated High School and I've never seen it since and my great grandmother told me I was pretty much crazy.

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