Best Friend's Visitor

Best Friend's Visitor

So I had a best friend when I was younger like everyone does. And like any other children I loved to have sleepovers. This friend only lived three doors down from me so it was always allowed for me to stay there if her parents were OK with it.

They normally always said yes. It was on one particular night that I stayed at this friends house who was called Shannon that I encountered something that disturbed me so much, I never went 'round her house again.

It was way after night had fallen, i'm not sure what the exact time was but I needed to go to the toilet.

To get to the toilet from Shannon's bedroom you had to walk to the other end of the hallway. The bathroom was just in front of the stairs to her downstairs area. Coming out of her bedroom that night, her hallway was not lit but I was not afraid of the dark.

Closing her door, I made my way towards the bathroom...but as I did, I instantly felt freezing cold. It was horrible as though someone had left the front door open.

Reaching to look over the banister, I froze. Coming up the stairs was a weird apparition of an old man both his hands gripped tightly onto the banister as though he had trouble walking.

I only stood there there for a few seconds before I ran back into her bedroom nearly in tears. I was about eight at this time. I could not sleep for the rest of that night.

In the morning I told my friend's mom what I had seen and she told me that this 'gentleman' had been seen by her many times walking up and down the stairs and along the downstairs hallway and was not harmful in any way and although her explanation settled me down a little bit, I was so frightened I never went to her house again.



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