Below you will find listed the various types of devices and gadgets used often when performing a ghost hunt, if you want to know how to hunt ghosts. Many experienced ghost hunters use some, if not all of these devices while searching for/trying to communicate with ghosts, spirits, demons, poltergeists, and etc.

Some pieces of ghost equipment are basic and require a low level of experience or just common-sense to use. There's no absolute right way to find or communicate with spirits. If they are around and want to make their presence felt, heard, sensed or seen they'll find a way to do it without any needed equipment most of the time.

However, sometimes you may need special-equipment to "capture" an apparition or to at least try to prove your point that you've just seen a ghost. I'll be adding to this list as time goes on.


Useful to tell time with, also good to log the time of your arrival and the time of departure.


OK, now batteries are the most important pieces of equipment you'll need to bring during your ghostly hunt. It's no fun getting equipment set up and ready to go just to find out your battery life is near depletion. Might as well call it a night then. Be sure if you're using battery-packs that they're fully-charged, bring a spare just in case. Bring extra batteries for cameras, flashlights, whatever else that requires AA or other types of batteries.


Cameras are a main-component and are practically an necessity when conducting a ghost-hunt. Be sure to take as many pictures as possible, you can never take too many pictures or record too long when performing your search. The difference between capturing something paranormal and not could have been because of that one area you've decided to skip over!


These cameras have been used for years and are the backbone of most ghost-hunts. Very seldom do ghost-hunters go out without one of these on hand. You will usually want to have infrared or black and white film. The price on these have dropped significantly and vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.


These cameras have come along way in the past couple of years and are an excellent-source of capturing the supernatural. As a matter of fact...I use an inexpensive 6.1 megapixel digital-camera when I perform all of my ghost-hunts. I've gotten great(spooky)results with it. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't use a higher megapixel camera, by all means go ahead... the higher the megapixel the better the clarity.

I'd try to refrain from using a really low megapixel-camera as it may just produce graininess especially during night-hunts. Digital-cameras are really convenient as the results are instantaneous and in most cases, can be directly uploaded to your computer whenever you're done. The price-ranged for a digital camera varies from very reasonable to very expensive from brand to brand. 


Also highly recommended. These are a great source as well when hunting, as they may pick up things regularly unseen or invisible to the naked-eye in real-time. You'll definitely want a video camera with night-vision if you're doing nighttime ghost-hunting. Most night-vision cameras are pretty expensive, however you can get night-vision scopes or converters to attach to your camcorder at a pretty reasonable price.

Be sure that if you're using a digital video camcorder that uses cassettes be sure that they are brand new and not recorded over as this may distort quality and give false results. Again, digital-camcorders are an excellent source of capturing something out of the ordinary and are convenient, small in size and data is easily uploaded to a computer.


These are pretty nifty...they snap pictures whenever motion(movement) is detected some even begin to record video, very useful in capturing an ornery spirit, usually the ornery spirits are poltergeists.These also range in at very reasonable to pretty expensive.


Very handy when dealing with a spirit that causes electrical-interference. Really any artificial-light-source that does not require an electrical-current(Candles, lantern, glow-sticks, etc).


Great for navigation but can also be used to view fluctuations in magnetic and electrical current, you'll want to avoid electrical compasses due to ghostly-interference.


EMF Meters are tools that measure magnetic-fields in AC current (lights, appliances, cameras,etc). Ghosts are know for disrupting those AC magnetic-fields. This tool allows you to see spikes(or moments when the readings jump significantly) in the current. The spikes seen from the EMF Meter could be caused by paranormal-activity.


Hey, you never know...always helpful in case of minor-accidents. This should always be a part of your ghost kit.


Really, do I need to explain the importance of bringing a flashlight with you during your hunt? When it's dark outside or inside, turn the flashlight to the "On" position that way you don't trip, fall and hit your noggin causing an unnecessary trip to the hospital.


This may be common-sense, but it's worth a never know how long you'll be conducting your ghost-hunt, so do you want to be hungry the whole time during it? If you answered no, bring some snacks with you.


Pretty simple...used to write down the time or a or log for when you hear, see, feel, or sense something out of the ordinary.


These are perfect for capturing Electronic Voice Phenomena. Ghosts sometimes like to whisper, yell or just talk into these. For best results have more than one. Leave one sitting at an area or room by itself where there is otherwise no audible-distractions, that way if you pick up something other-worldly it'll be easier to decipher.

As for the other one, take it with you, wear a headset that's plugged into the tape-recorder and start asking some simple-questions and see if you get any results through the headset. If a spirit wants to communicate, and you'd like to as well, this is a great method .

You may have to go back through the tapes a few times and listen very closely to hear results however. Be sure to get an external microphone also, as most tape-recorders will include internal-feedback that you don't want to hear once played back.


Ghosts are known to cause slight to significant drops in temperature, no one is exactly sure why, but the theory I choose to believe is that the spirits harvest and consume the energy around us to allow themselves to manifest. You'll want to get a mercury-based thermometer. Electronic-thermometers can fail due to spirits interfering with electrical-current.


Tripods are convenient when you want to stabilize or leave your camcorder or camera in a certain area to record/take pictures while you're away or just to get better results or image clarity.


Cheap and easily able to contact the rest of your team in case of an emergency or activity. Better yet, get a headset to communicate through in the event that you have your hands preoccupied and can't get to the walkie-talkie.


Ghost-Catchers are a great way to detect where a spirit is lingering or passing through. Obviously these will not work outdoors or indoors where there is a lot of draft. Ghost-Catchers are cheap and can be bought at many different stores, just be sure to get the lightest one you can find, heavier wind-chimes tend to sway for longer periods of time creating the illusion of a spirit passing through when it's probably not.


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