Contacting a Deceased Friend

Contacting a Deceased Friend

A very close friend of mine Chase took his own life about three years ago...he had been on Adderal for 14 years, the long term side effects of the drug are paranoia and basically schizophrenic behavior.

He started thinking everyone was out to get him so his doctor put him on a trial drug for schizophrenics instead of weaning him off the Adderal, come to find out the drugs side effects were thoughts of suicide, within two weeks of being on it, he hung himself, right before my daughter was born.

We always cared about each other but I just wouldn't date him because he was my brothers best friend, I really let him down. Not too long ago I just couldn't stop thinking about him every day, I really felt responsible.

My mom has a spirit board she let me use,I don't like those things but I wanted to contact him.

I felt like he was around me, i was getting tingly cold sensations all the time, but when trying to contact him, instead of the planchette moving I could hear his voice in my mind telling me he wasn't alone, it's okay.

I sensed he had a woman with him, no it was like I just knew, I also got the name Dave,which I later figured out is his dads name. His family lives in Arkansas so I never met them.

Anyway, I wanted to be done with the spirit board so I 'sealed' it and put it up, really don't like that thing, i was desperate. I was home alone and everything was off.

When I stood up the door knob started jiggling and I heard his voice and a woman's voice, in seemingly casual conversation but I couldn't make out what they were saying.

I should've had my recorder on. That only lasted maybe ten seconds. Anyway I wanted to find his mom and talk to her. I called my brother to get his moms name and I googled her, because she ran a business I thought she would be easy to find. Instead I found her obituary.

I told my brother, he visited chases mom a lot but hadn't seen her since his funeral (which I missed because I had just had my baby). My brother was upset getting that news, he emailed Chase's dad, he was the guy that sold him his house, he told him she had taken her own life a month ago.

So she just wanted to be with her only child, now they can be at peace together. I felt some strange closure, I was sad but I knew he wasn't alone and she wasn't grieving anymore.

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