Demonic Spirit or King of the Woods

Demonic Spirit or King of the Woods

It is that time of the year again where you and some buddies are heading out on the yearly hunting trip. Riffles loaded and equipment packed you and the group head off into the thick dense woods.

While hiking to the camping location there is a loud growl that sounds a lot like a scream however it is nothing that you have ever heard before.

Everyone in the group stops to inspect everything around them. With everything clear and no danger insight everyone begins walking again.

Soon after branches breaking are heard in the distance and everything becomes eerily quiet. Everyone agrees they can hear something moving in the woods but cannot figure out where it is coming from.

As one of the members turn to see what is behind them the hair stands up on the back of their neck. Frozen for a second they drop everything and run off screaming.

Everyone around him is confused and starts chasing after him. Upon catching up with him the group asks “What happened”? He claims to have saw the creature that not many have seen… Bigfoot. 

Hello my name is Joe Tokish and I would like to present an idea regarding one of the most baffling creatures that has never been proven to even exist.

I am sure we all have heard stories about bigfoot. Some of us even have friends that have seen bigfoot. In every case there is no evidence that this creature ever existing yet all the detail about this creature are the same.

From the rouged humanoid like face to the brute hair body frame, people are convinced this creature is in the woods. Although there is a new report popping up everywhere around the world, for the most part they are commonly reported in two locations, Colorado and Alaska.

Both locations are surrounds by thick woods that are spreads across the land for miles. It would be hard to conduct a proper investigation to put this legend to bed. 

The Bigfoot idea is strange enough; I would like to bring up a question to make this even stranger. What if Bigfoot is not a real living creature but a spirit of a beast that once existed?

I can just hear it now, the user reading this saying “What?? Is this guy insane?” Bear with me on this topic. Let’s just simply look at what we know.

Everyone’s account is roughly the same. The locations of the account are roughly the same as well. If human’s can haunt places why can’t animals haunt locations too? Is it possible that this creature, once, use to dominate the lands we presently dominate?

Could it been that they are trying to show us something? There is nothing, in our records, that shows humanity where they came from. We see gorillas however there is nothing in between connecting us with them.

It is possible that these sightings are occurring to try to help bring us understanding? 

One thing is for sure about these creatures.

Among us in the flesh or in spirit they are scary as hell. I’d advise anyone who came across one, don’t run no experiments, don’t try to poke it with a stick… RUN!!! Run as fast as you can and hope you make it out of the woods alive.



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