Disappearing Footsteps

Disappearing Footsteps

My late husband and I lived next door to his sister on a small reserve called nautkey village near Fraser Lake B.C. there was a softball tournament going on so his sister asked me to help her daughter look after all the kids, this was after supper.

They were heading into town to get some refreshments for the big game the next day, so I got ready and walked over. The kids were already asleep...we checked all the doors and closed all the shades on the windows. we sat and chatted. she said she was scared because the house was scary.

I told her it was all in her imagination, suddenly we heard someone in the kitchen...the stove was turned on as if someone was making some tea. We huddled on the sofa and I told her "don't be scared, the dead don't hurt you the living does" so I checked the kitchen to see who had managed to open the locked door. Nobody.

Boy, I got chills and suddenly someone knocked on the door. I asked, "do the people from the village use the back door"? she said nope.

So I said i would check it there was a huge tree standing about ten feet from the door and we saw footsteps coming from the tree to the house and back they went halfway to the shed which was about twenty feet from the house then it disappeared.

We both ran into the house and covered our faces with the blanket. just as we were getting settled the door rattled and we both screamed. then we heard my late husbands voice and I ran andopened the door. he asked whats the matter with you. I told him about the footsteps and i endeavored to show him. guess what! no footsteps.

Anonymous Submission.


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