From Islam to Christianity and from Judaism to Hinduism, the legend of demonic/supernatural entities that have s*xual intercourse with their victims can be found in several religious scriptures. In fact, there are historical and even present day accounts of encounters that people have had with succubus and incubus demons. 

As expected, the modern scientific community dismisses these experiences simply because they cannot explain them. However, for individuals who have lived through these encounters, their experiences have felt as real as everything else they have lived through. So, here is a look at how these malevolent spirits function and harm their victims and what you can do to save yourself.


Modern psychiatry uses the words incubus and succubus to refer to nightmares of s*xual harassment. However, talk to anybody who has been through an encounter and it becomes evident that their experiences are more than just hallucinations or imagination. In fact, many are left with tell-tale signs of s*xual violence all over their body which cannot be denied. In some cases, there have been witnesses to the whole act.

While each religion has a unique term for these night demons, the core premise is the same. An incubus is a male spirit that has forced or consensual s*xual intercourse with a woman. The term has been derived from the Latin word "incubare" which means to "lie down" or lie on top. Incubi are male spirits who either charm or subdue their victims into having s*x with them, with the latter being more common.

In this case, these malevolent spirits can be equated to ghostly rapists who do not derive actual pleasure from the s*xual act but from the pain, terrorization and humiliation that it causes. The encounters are not just experienced by young or virginal girls but by women of all ages and regardless of their relationship/marital status.

In some cases, the incubus assumes the form of the husband, lover and neighbor or takes on any other seductive guise. However, for the better part, the victim only feels the unearthly presence but cannot see the being. Typically, these episodes are known to occur at night but the incubus may force itself on the victim at any time.


Succibi are female counterparts of these demonic spirits. They seduce men by taking on the form of beautiful, nubile young women. The end goal is still the same-To have s*xual intercourse with the victim. In some instances, the succubus will continue to visit the victim several times and will be in her seductive form always. However, there have also been encounters when the female spirit transforms to her actual hideous form at the point of ejaculation, revealing her true identity. 

Unfortunately, despite the fear and the revulsion, the male victim can do nothing to prevent the attack. Then, there have also been cases, when the succubus does not transform herself into a seductress, keeping her loathsome form, usually that of a haggard woman with physical abnormalities and forces herself upon her male victim.

The incubi not only seek to s*xually assault their victims but also impregnate them. The succubus has a similar motive, seeking to collect sperm from her victim.


Some experts believe that these spirits do not have a gender and can take on male or female form as required. Also, they cannot produce the seminal fluid needed to impregnate their victims. So, they use their shape shifting abilities to take on the form of a woman and collect the sperm which is then implanted into the female victim by the very same spirit taking the form of a masculine malevolent entity.

The children born out of such unions are called cambions and were supposed to have some sort of physical deformity or were susceptible to supernatural influences as stated in Heinrich Kramer's work "Witches Hammer"


There are two accounts of how these demons came into being. The Alphabet of Ben Sira says that Lilith who was the first wife of Adam left him and shunned the Garden of Eden to seek carnal pleasures with Archangel Samael. A similar version of the story is also given by the Zohar. 

Kabbalaism offers a slightly different historical beginning of these demonic spirits. It says that not one but four succubi had s*xual intercourse with Archangel Samael and their progeny were the incubi and succubi that haunt humans till today.


Genesis 6 confirms that fallen angels would seduce mortal women. Furthermore, Jude 1:7 talks about angels pursuing strange flesh or that which isn't of their own kind. This also points to the unusual nature and the prevalence of such demonic s*xual unions. Here is what other scriptures have to say about s*x demons:

  • The Dead Sea Scrolls: Described as a "seductress" in 4Q184, the demonic being has the form of a female with wings and horns. Her enormous wings carry a multitude of sins and she lures men, at last dragging them into the Pit.
  • Arabic mythology: Incubi are referred to as Jinn in Islam but unlike the Christian depiction of these entities which is exclusively malevolent, Jinn's could be good or bad. The "qarinah" is a female s*xual demon that could be more closely linked to the succubus.
  • Indian folklore: The Yakshi who assumes the form of a lonesome, beautiful, young woman and entices men in secluded locations in the dark of the night only to reveal her horrendous form later is a similar demonic being. 
  • The legend of Merlin: According to demonologists, only two "cambions" were ever born and one of them was Merlin, who was begot from a union between a princess and an incubus. This would explain his supernatural abilities.


More credence is added to the "so-called" lore of incubi and succubi when you consider the various encounters that people have had with these beings throughout history.

Hanina Ben Dosa: The first century scholar was believed to have made efforts to curb the influence of succubi over their male victims. Abaye is known to have made similar efforts.

Pope Sylvester II: If the work of Walter Mapes is to be believed, Pope Sylvester had s*xual relations with a benevolent succubus Meridiana, who helped him get to the helms of the Catholic Church. He is said to have confessed about the demonic liaison on his deathbed.

Ludovico Sinistrari: In his work, "Demoniality, the 17th century friar from France has stated that incubi do not heed to attempts at exorcism or holy paraphernalia. His attempts at exorcising a virtuous matron from the attacks of an incubus resulted in the malevolent being building a wall around the bed of the lady which was so high that she and her husband had to use a ladder to climb over it.

Bishop Sylvanus: A medieval nun had accused the prelate of s*xually assaulting her but the Bishop defended himself by stating that an incubus had assumed his physical form and defiled the nun.

In recent media depictions, s*x spirits have been shown to terrorize their victims in movies such as "The Entity" and the Canadian horror show, "Lost Girl". Many also believe that experiences of UFO abduction where the victim has faint memories of being s*xually assaulted while not being in control of his/her body are also linked to these demonic beings.


Very often, the victim has an uncomfortable feeling of being watched by an eerie presence. Many even report that they saw a masculine form or a shadow move in the field of their peripheral vision. This may also be accompanied by a physical sensation of being touched. Usually, goose bumps or prickling is felt after such a touch.

In fact, the sensation is so mentally racking for most that out of sheer frustration and terror, the individual makes the mistake of communicating, sometimes out loud, with the entity. The demon does this to attract the attention of his/her victim and when it is called out to, this is taken as a green signal. Even without any attempts at communication, attacks are imminent and the victim has no physical or mental power to stop them

The actual terror usually begins at night when the victim is in bed. This is the time the physical sensation increases by several manifold. Women report feeling a sense of warmth that pervades every part of their body, sometimes accompanied by an almost overwhelming feeling of arousal. 

A heavy weight is felt on the chest and the hands, which immobilizes the person. Make no mistake; all of this often happens when the victim is fully conscious. However, in some cases, the haunting may begin with s*xual nightmares and then progress to demonic s*xual assaults that occur even when an individual is wide awake.

This may be followed by the physical sense of being penetrated or the woman may have an orgasm without any self administered physical stimulation involved in the act. What is felt later is a deep sense of dread along with terror and insecurity that stems from being violated.


These demonic beings are no different from human s*xual predators; they identify easy targets, who can be overpowered and dominated without a fight. Contrary to perception, it is not just young virgins who present a conquest to these beings. The smell of s*xual desire and of s*xual fluids is what attracts these entities to their victims. 

This begs the question, why don't all women, even those who frequently indulge in s*xual intercourse get targeted? The incubus feeds off s*xual desire and fear and it takes great pleasure in controlling people who it knows will not fight back. So, those who are lonely, depressed, grieving and have little or no self control are easy targets. 

The succubus employs a similar tactic when seeking her victims. While the target is chosen on the basis of a weak mind and emotional instability, the succubus will try to charm her victim by taking on the guise of a former crush or an extremely attractive woman. She may continue to stay in this guise or revert to her actual grotesque form during intercourse.


The episodes start at night when the woman is lying in her bed and may take place regardless of the presence of others in the house or even within the room. Typically, the physical sensation of touch is felt when the victim is drifting off to sleep. But often, this feeling is so startling and people wake up only to find themselves paralyzed.

Often, a woman wakes up to the feeling of somebody being on top of her or with a strange s*xual urge or even to extraordinary vaginal secretions that are usually experienced after intercourse. Sometimes, the victim can actually see the incubus molesting her and at other times the entity remains invisible. Male victims also wake up with a similar sensation of being overpowered and with an erection.

Folklore mentions that intercourse with a succubus is akin to entering a frozen cavern and the male victim feels drained afterwards. Female victims are subject to a far worse plight as the penetration is often physically painful to handle and the woman is forced to endure it along with the mental anguish of watching a horrid being that looks like a rotting corpse or has a charred human body raping her.


While many victims state that the ferocity of the attacks get toned down once they begin to cooperate, some also confess that they eventually start enjoying the encounters as the demonic s*x gets gentler and more pleasurable. This attitude can be pinned down to mentally giving in to the torture that the victim is being subjected to.

As mentioned above, intercourse with these beings is physically torturous for both men and women but the mental trauma is just as immense. Many victims are pushed to the brink of insanity due to the episodes while some have even attempted suicide.

These s*x demons not only harm the victim's mind and body but will also turn on anybody who tries to help him/her out. Think of them as extremely vengeful, deranged and jealous lovers with supernatural powers. A woman who is victimized has no hopes of leading a normal life with her spouse or her partner, as these spirits will not shy away from causing bodily harm to the man in the victim's life.

In fact, in case the victim is impregnated by her husband or human lover, the incubus will go out of its way to kill the fetus and may even harm any other children that she may have. This explains why most female victims who are possessed by these demonic entities are childless or susceptible to miscarriages.


Some telling signs of incubus haunting include:

  • Frequent and unnatural s*xual fantasies.
  • A common s*xual imagery and pattern in nightmares.
  • Feeling weight on the body, particularly on the chest as you sleep.
  • In men, the physical sensation of intercourse.
  • s*xual dreams that result in physical sensations which continue even after you wake up.
  • Feeling of shame and fear as you wake up from a wet dream.
  • A combined feeling of s*xual satiation and un-cleanliness.
  • Fear of going to sleep.


Like any psychopathic lover, it can be very hard to get rid of these demonic presences. Unfortunately, the dismissal of such accounts by pastors and the church in general simply adds to the problem. The victim is further degraded when they try to talk about it with their friends or family who think them crazy.

Psychologists and psychiatrists are also quick in agreeing with their assessment. Simply speaking, it can get very hard to rally support against these malevolent beings. However, there are a few things that you can do to prevent these demons from harassing you and to stop current haunting.

Do not sleep unclad or in colored nightwear. Think of it this way; you live in a neighborhood of rapists and although your house offers some modicum of safety, you would not want to dress up in your finest lingerie at night. In fact, a simple, white pair of pajamas or a night dress that covers you completely would be the best. Also, use a bed spread or a blanket to cover yourself.

After intercourse with your husband or partner, take a shower or at least wash your privates because the smell of s*xual fluids attracts these beings.

Recite Psalm 24 on some sea water and use it to cleanse your house and your bed of demonic spirits. When you pray, ensure that you renounce any connection that you or any of your ancestors may have had with the incubus family.

Apart from attending mass at the church, set up an altar at home. A simple candle stand on a table will do and pray frequently and regularly. Every night before you go to bed, pray at the altar asking your creator to protect you.

If possible keep a lit candle at the altar through the night, so that the angels of light can protect you from these evil beings. In Kabbalah, it is believed that smudges of asafetida disintegrate succubi and incubi; this strong smelling spice can be found at most Asian stores.

The most important thing to understand is that if you are experiencing something out of the ordinary, it is imperative to speak about it to somebody who you trust and who will trust you. This may/may not be your partner or even your pastor. 

So, you will have to tread slowly and carefully when discussing the topic. If you cannot find somebody in your immediate circle, look online. The internet abounds in stories from victims and advice from people who can and have helped others. It is crucial to find a believer and to get the demonic presence out of your life at the earliest.

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