Don't Close Your Eyes

Don't Close Your Eyes

I started college in 2006. Overall, I had a pretty good run (I graduated, after all), but I had a hard time with roommates.

There are...stories floating around about the university I attended, all about the particular dorm building where I lived all four years.

It didn't matter where I lived (I spanned six rooms in four years), things happened. 

During the first year, I didn't get along with my assigned roommate, so I left for someone else i had met. He and I got along because he wasn't there most of the time.

I slept in the room by myself most nights. I felt perfectly at home there. Things got tense between us later in the year. Usual roommate differences, you know?

We split, he left, and I had the room to myself. That's when things got a little strange. Nothing during the day, but at night, I saw...things. 

Usually, only one, just like that, by the door.

At the worst, there were four of them the closest one at my bedside. Then, as soon as it started, they stopped showing up... 

Sophomore and junior year will be a post of their own, but the cat-eyes didn't appear during that time. 

My senior year, I lived four floors up, and a few doors down from the original room. I was under a lot of stress, with senior thesis as well as impending surgery.

I was living by myself (again). I woke up from something resembling a nightmare (I don't have nightmares. The dream was just uncomfortable) to see what looked like a black panther sitting 3 feet from my bed.

Watching me. With those. eyes. I threw my pillow at it - through it - and it vanished.

It was 3 in the morning or so, and I turned on the light and proceeded to sleep with the light on. I was suddenly scared of under my bed. You'd think at age 21, I wouldn't be, but I was.

All I had under there at the time was two boxes, probably full of ramen packages or other snacks, maybe some electronics components, nothing terribly interesting nor scary.

I went out the next morning and bought sea salt. I put some of it in a ceramic mug I received as a present and put it under my bed.

I also had (still have) a set of Japanese teacups, and I put more salt in four of them and put them in the very corners of the room. 

Everything was fine after that. Never seen them, or those eyes, again. 

I suspect these things were actually projections of my own doing, of my own stress and insecurity, as yellow cat's eyes are a deep fear I've had for as long as I can remember, despite having lovely yellow-eyed cats all my life. 

Edit: the ghost stories that are passed to the freshmen usually revolve around a snippet that's on the internet. What I saw bears no resemblance to the stories - a "misty apparition," scratching noises, and lights turning on and off by themselves.

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