I recently had a paranormal experience. This was about a year ago. I train at a karate studio and one night my fiance and I were walking home after hanging out at a friends house. On the way home, we were too tired to make it. I remembered that I had an extra key to the building. 

We stayed the night that night. We had our little routine...set up the bed and said our good nights. While we were sleeping, we both felt the bed start to shake. At first I thought "it's just in your head" but it went on for a decent amount of time.

I was about to get up thinking it was an earthquake but right before I stopped. That night we kept hearing footsteps, not the actual step but the sound of a sandal hitting a foot. Also the punching bags kept moving. I get up to check it out and nothing no wind nobody in the building. 

We go back to bed that night and I had a nightmare, I usually never have dreams were I awake in a bed in my dream...but I saw what looked like a long haired person wearing a large head piece run into my room jump on the bed and grab me by the wrist.

I'm a very strong minded individual so in my head, I thought this thing just made a big I grab it by the wrist and stare at its face but I can't see the eyes, hair is covering them.

All of the sudden it starts trying to jam its head into my crotch. I wake up in bed looking around and I thought to myself, it's just a dream. So we finish off the night there and we leave.

I mention to my fiance if she had felt the bed shake right when we were laying down and she said yes but didn't want to say anything because she was scared. I run into a friend and I tell her about what happened.

she said to be careful that that thing was trying to attack me spiritually. It was going after one of my Chakras. 

Later that day, we go back to pick up some stuff we left and I get a phone call from another friend. My fiance is already on edge going back to that house so she decides to close and lock the door to the room we are in.

I start telling him about what happened the night before and bang! something hits the punching bag and hard, then there were running footsteps going towards the door.

The door knob starts moving on its own...I hang up the phone because my girl is in super panic mode at this point so I go check the building and the bag is swaying back and forth as if something just hit it.

There is no way into the building without setting off an alarm that tells what door they come from and the building was empty. Needless to say, I don't think it likes me talking about it and I think because of were it took place it got alot of energy.

Lots of it goes through there; we meditate a lot as a part of training. Also me staying there might have made it mad. Maybe I showed disrespect to the building?

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