In 2008, I was moved to a very small village in England. The village, though quite small had a long history of battles, crime, drug-related killings, and accidental deaths. 

The first location I lived in was in a type of dormitory complex which was built on a bronze-age burial ground (there were over 250 skeletal remains removed from this piece of land, including a Saxon warrior, buried with his horse).

This sounds like a crock, because there were so many dead, but these remains were only found after they broke ground for the project of building these apartments. The building had to be put on hold until the English Heritage Society could get a team in there to carefully remove all the remains. 

I only had one strange thing happen to me here. One night, I was watching television and I began to fall asleep in bed. So, I turned off the television, and rolled over facing the wall. I instantly fell right to sleep. Then out of the dark, I felt a finger poke me in the back.

My awareness was briefly piqued, then I just ignored it and started to fall back to sleep.

Then I felt it again, this time harder and more distinct. I thought maybe one of my neighbors was messing with me, because I didn't always lock the door then. By now, my eyes were open, and I just held very still to see if it would happen again.

I felt it again. I hit the lights to find absolutely nothing. At this point, I decided to walk over to my friend's place to see what he was doing. He was still awake playing video games, so I went and hung out with him. Eventually I had the courage to go back to my room and go back to sleep. 

There were many other reports of people having odd things happen to them in those apartments, including bed shaking, seeing warrior-looking men walking across the courtyards, and an air field ghost which asks people for the time and disappears.

I don't necessarily believe in those experiences which I did not witness, or hear from the "horse's mouth." Eventually, I decided to move out and find a new place. 

When I was searching for an apartment (or a flat as the English prefer to call it), I went through three houses. The first two houses were simply too small for an American who has grown up with spacious open living rooms.

Most of these places were like closets, and they were just too cramped. Eventually I found a place. It was odd though because it was on a corner, and had a wedge shape to it.

The front of the apartment was wider than the back part. So it was like living in a strange rhombus. I had both the top and ground floor to myself, which seems pretty good, but it was still pretty cramped by American standards. 

Either way, the apartment was quite nice save for the lack of a dishwasher. Most of the time I felt that this house did not have any presence at all, and I felt very comfortable. On select occasions however, I really felt someone was just blatantly staring at me.

This I usually chalked up to my earlier experiences as a child, seeing a girl in my room, amongst other experiences, which corrupted my sense of certainty that I was actually alone. 

So the first experience was actually the worst and most blatant experience. I have this habit of sleeping on the couch, even though I have a bed (I live alone). So one night, as I did many nights, I turned off the light, and set my laptop on the coffee table in front of the couch.

I sat down on the couch, and began to pull my legs up (actually I'm sitting on the same couch now in California).

As I pulled my legs up, it felt like a hand reached out and grabbed my ankle. It pulled my foot to the floor and I lost my balance and fell forward in complete and utter shock. I stood up and turned on the light. After about two days I felt like it was safe again. 

A few months later I was showering upstairs in the bathroom. In this particular bathroom, the light was a pull light (a light on the ceiling attached to a string). My fiancee was cooking something downstairs, and I could hear her making noise, so I felt pretty comfortable.

I had just picked up some shower gel when I heard "click-clink" and suddenly it was dark in the bathroom. I stood in the shower with the water running for about five seconds, trying to understand what just happened. 

I pulled the light switch and it turned back on. I stood in the bathtub, and opened the door, calling my fiancee's name. She replied "yeah?" and I was asked "did you turn the light off on me? And in a very normal tone of voice said "no."

I didn't think she did, but I hoped maybe she was going out of her normal behavior to play a joke on me and to get me back for all the times I jumped out of the dark and scared her. But she's not the vengeful type, and she was cooking downstairs. 

Admittedly I told myself that perhaps the mechanism which controls the on/off had become "jammed" and after a while the spring in the mechanism forced the switch to spring back to the open position turning it back off (I've taken some classes on electronics, so it's a possibility). 

I shrugged it off and finished my shower very quickly and came down to eat some salmon, asparagus and mashed potatoes. 

About two months later, I was again home alone. This time my fiancee was at her university finishing up on her thesis. At this point in time, I'd already forgot about the light thing in the bathroom.

I think it was a survival strategy, so that I could get quality sleep at night, without worrying about what was causing this activity. 

Well, on this occasion, I decided I would take a shower, and hit the hay. As I walked up the stairs I had this really unnerving feeling that someone was standing at the top of the stairs. The stairs, were in a U shape.

So as you walk up the stairs you start facing South, then turn to the East, then to the North. As I came up the upper part of the stairs I just stopped (the bathroom was to my right hand side where I'd had that strange experience).

I had one step left to go. I stopped, and looked at it. But I just had a feeling someone was standing there, and didn't want me to go any higher. It sounds just childish, I know, but I was just apprehensive to go up to that next stair.

As soon as I lifted my foot, the light turned off, and in my shock I fell backwards down the stairs (they were quite steep). I ended up at the bottom of the stairs. 

At that point, I caught my breath, and walked into the living room, closing the door behind me. I waited until morning until I felt comfortable enough to go back up there again. It was just a strange event. 

That was the last memorable experience I had, besides hearing the occasional "bang" on the floor upstairs, which was really bizarre, because I always thought it was my flimsy table upstairs which finally collapsed under the weight of the television, but there simply wasn't any explanation for the noise. 

My fiancee spent many lonely nights in the house, and would always say "this place is haunted." I would always tell her "it's not you're just freaking yourself out." Of course I had my reservations, but I didn't want to make the situation worse than it already was. 

The presence seemed that it left again, and nothing strange ever happened towards the end. I moved to California after that.

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