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Lady Disappears During Live TV

Legit or Camera Trickery?
Watch as this lady seemingly ups and vanishes during a live TV interview.
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Welcome to Ghostsstory!

I'm Sean Foster, the Administrator here. In 1996, I had witnessed a bizarre paranormal experience which created a strong fascination in the paranormal world.

I encourage you to browse around and explore Ghostsstory. We offer REAL paranormal experiences submitted by visitors from all around the world!

Highway Sheila

Highway Sheila Terror

The Real Story
Many people have claimed encountering her. She lurks the N2 highway and tampers with cars as they pass. It's said that she hikes for for a lift to her house.
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    Tara, you are right about the term Baker Act starting in Florida in 1971, you are quite smart.

    I feel the issue with the story of this child Richard, is perhaps threw the years, it had been told, retold, and written, and rewritten by so many different types of writers, who added to it, and took away from the heart of the story, many of these writers had bad editors, lol.

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