Evidence of Evil

Evidence of Evil

As many of you may or may not have noticed, there seems to be a rise in society lately of cases of demonic attacks. My theory on this is that it is at least partially due to the increased attention the subject has gained within the media.

A lot of these paranormal shows of late almost seem to be glorify the subject demons in an attempt to increase their ratings. I mean after all who wants to watch taps video another ghost when you can watch Ghost Adventures take on a demon right?

The problem here is that the more we come to accept this type of reality then the more we tend to draw in dark forces into our reality. Now the following document your about to read is in fact documented evidence of demonic possession.

I think it is important for evidence such as this to be saved and reviewed by anyone choosing to pursue the paranormal. We must take caution on these cases not only for our own protection but to monitor what kind of an example we set for others choosing to follow in our paths.

The last thing any of us need to do is encourage even by accident acts that will bring things of this nature to become a regular part of our reality. 

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