Experiences from the Summer of '11

Okay, sorry that I promised to post some stories and never got around to it. Here are a few of my paranormal experiences.

So, The summer of 2011 I graduated High School and got a job working at a local diner the next town over. I was making decent money in tips and made a new friend.

Lets call her Sally for her privacy. So Sally and I decided we wanted to move out from our respective parents households and try and make it on our own.

I met a guy who I eventually started dating, who offered to pay the security deposit on the house if we agreed to let him stay there when he was in town off work. (He worked on an oil rig out of state, and worked two weeks and had one off.)

Sally and I agreed that it was a fair deal. We located a trailer across the street from my aunts house.

It was small, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, kitchen and dining room, but it was big enough for us and the occasional people we would invite over, so we signed the lease agreement to rent for a year.

When asking why our rent was so cheap, a mere 200 a month, we found it was hard to rent out due to the graveyard directly in front of the house across the street, three houses from my aunts, and the graveyard that our yard ended up in.

It didn’t bother us much, as I was always into the paranormal. We started moving in right away. We started painting after work the next day.

We didn’t have any electricity yet so we had to clean and paint by the light coming in the windows.

The first day we encountered no problems, we finished the dining room early that day and went to my aunts to stay the night. The next evening we didn’t get off work until around 5, so we got a late start.

Coming up our remote little road I looked in our dining room window as we neared our house. I saw what I thought to be a man looking out. I blew it off as our landlord coming to look at the paint we had been working on.

Sally was a little spooked and was apprehensive about going in the house.

We walked up on the porch and I realized the door was locked and we had both sets of keys. Our landlord couldn’t be in there. So I carefully unlocked the door and ran inside.

I checked the whole house and the back one was there. I couldn’t get Sally to stay and paint that night, so I did myself. As it started to get darker and harder to see where I was putting the paint roller I decided to quit.

I turned around to face the kitchen and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone walk by me.

I jumped but called out Sally’s name. Nothing. I walked to the front door to find it shut and locked. I don’t remember locking it when I came inside. I blew it off again and left for the night.

We finally got our power on and decided to stay there that night on a blow up mattress on the floor. We cleaned into the early hours of the morning and went to bed exhausted.

When we walked into our bedroom we noticed that our air mattress was deflated and the cap was unscrewed laying on the floor. It spooked Sally but I just threw it off saying I must not have tightened it enough and it just fell off.

The next few nights were uneventful.

Now that I have given you some back story on the house, sorry that it was a little long, I can skip around and tell you the key highlights of that house.

When we had guests over for a party and everyone would be laying down to sleep on the couches in the living room, they would recount the next morning that they heard walking in the kitchen and dining room with heavy work boots.

After a while I started hearing it when no one else would be there at night. It sounded as if someone came in the front door and walked all the way down the hallway to stop at my bedroom door.

It didn’t bother me much though cause it was just footsteps, as long as I didn’t see anything I would be okay.

Another account I was very sick and needed to go to the hospital. while waiting on my ride I was sitting by the dryer waiting for a blanket to come out.

I saw out of the corner of my eye someone come in and set some sort of bottle down on my entertainment center and walk over to the couch.

I didn’t think anything of it I just thought it was my ride. I walked into the living room to find no one there. Needless to say I was scared to death. I waited on the porch in the snow for my ride.

Some of my friends decided that we should play a Ouija board to see if we could contact the spirit. We found out his name was Ben but would only speak to Sally and I.

He said he was watching over us and keeping the bad men away. When we'd ask who the "bad men" were he wouldn’t respond anymore. After that conversation everything went down hill.

Light bulbs would smash in their sockets, the front and back doors would come open at all hours of the day and night and wouldn’t stay locked, footsteps across the porch, banging on the bedroom doors, the stove would keep coming on, new pipes was just getting out of hand.

We couldn’t sleep at night anymore, and had to quit our jobs from lack of sleep and depression. While looking for new jobs Sally and I weren’t staying home most of the time, we came and stayed with our friend, who is now my husband, for a week and a half.

When we finally went home the place was trashed. clothes were ripped off the hangers in the closets, the shower curtain was torn down, the coffee table was on it's top, dishes all over the floor, and dvd's out of their cases.

It was a mess. Nothing was missing, our big jar of money we had saved for several months rent, my computer, dvds, TV, everything was there.

It was terrible.

We packed our things and moved out the following week. It was a horrible experience to say the least. Whoever/ Whatever was "living" there did not want us to be there.

The lady who moved in after us was a friend of my aunts. She called me one day and asked if I had ever heard anything weird while living there. I met up with her at my aunts and told her everything.

She didn’t seem phased by it at all and kind of laughed in my face. I haven’t spoken to her since, but my aunt says she is seriously thinking about moving.

So that is the first installment of my stories. I will have more, that hopefully wont be as long as this one but I hope you enjoyed it.

This isn’t my first paranormal experience and certainly isn’t my last, so more to come.  :).

Story credit: Zekat

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