Experiencing the Other Side

The 'Faceless One' and others:

I've been doing a small amount of research about demons, entities, and other spiritual beings out of curiosity and a couple memories from years ago were brought back to the front of my mind where a friend told of a demon or dark spirit that she saw during a time of Christian worship at a five-day church retreat, and later a room full of girls, including myself, felt that a malevolent presence was lurking just outside our window.

(Please note that though I mention prayer and singing Christian worship songs seeming to drive spirits away, I am not trying to condone Christianity or am I trying to force a way of thinking upon readers--these accounts are my personal experiences and I did have a Christian mindset at the time, but I have since rethought things and I do have a different perspective of these experiences now; I am not trying to offend anyone or disregard other peoples' convictions and beliefs as false or inaccurate.)

I have since heard that many beings and spirits have names and many other people have encountered the same or very similar beings--if you recognize or know more information about this or these particular entities or demons, please comment and share your knowledge; I would love to know more. Thank you.

It was a hot summer night at a church camp by the ocean near Bandon, Oregon and there was a packed room full of middle school-aged children, including myself at the time (around 2007), and college-age and older people who were leaders of the middle school church group. 

We had just had a Bible study and then the worship team came onto the stage and began to play and we all worshipped god with hymns and/or contemporary Christian worship songs. I was a firm believer in what I then knew to be "God", and the Bible at the easily-influenced age of eleven. 

I didn't feel any unusual feelings during this time, but one of the leaders who was in my cabin of about eight girls told us of an unfriendly presence who disapproved of our praises to god.

She said that she felt a heaviness upon her spirit and she had her eyes closed, but she saw a two-second long vision of the room we were worshipping in and there was a dark figure peering around the corner that stood at a slightly taller than average height and his or her or whatever's face was pretty much non-existent.

Where there should have been eyes, a nose, a mouth and other features, there was only a flat, dark ash colored surface. Again, this vision was only for a couple seconds.

She told us middle school girls this in the cabin after worship time and assured us it was nothing to worry about, but I was young and afraid--I didn't sleep much that night.

Also, a girl my age in my cabin who was very aware of the spiritual world, as it were, said she saw a vision around the same time our leader did as well that troubled her--she saw the same vision of the room where we were worshipping and instead of us enthusiastically worshipping standing up, the music was playing but none of us were singing and we were all sitting down, dead quiet.

This young girl told us that she couldn't see spirits but she could feel them from time to time, and after having discussed the visions from the two girls, we prayed to god and the young girl told us, after we were done praying, that she felt something or someone tickling her feet and pulling on her toes but when she opened her eyes and looked, there wasn't anyone or anyone there and no one in the cabin was sitting as to reach over and touch her feet. 

Around four years later, I was at the same camp site with the same church--only this time, I was 15 and in high school--and in the duration of the five-day camp, most of the students and leaders, including me, agreed that there seemed to be a darkness about the camp and something heavy pressing on our spirits.

I felt this heaviness and strangeness this time and during one of our bible studies, the high school pastor prayed to god to keep us all out of danger and either coincidentally or not, we all came out unharmed, but the spiritually heavy feeling was still present upon most of us until the last day we were there.

The most unnerving and empowering encounter I've had with a spirit or malevolent being yet happened in the cabin that night after our pastor prayed for us. The group of girls I roomed with and I were sitting on a bottom bunk--there were around five of us in a tight circle on the bed, just talking.

One of the leaders, who is my first cousin, said that she felt like there was something evil very close to us that was trying to distract us from what we were learning from the bible and god that camping trip.

I felt an almost physical heaviness on my shoulders and neck when she mentioned that and I sensed there might be a presence outside the window--the blinds were closed but I felt there was something watching us through them and it didn't like us.  

We began to pray and suddenly a strong urge came over me to sing the lines of a contemporary Christian worship song we were all familiar with.

The feeling boiled in my stomach until I began to sing: "God is bigger than the air I breathe. The world, we'll leave, and God will save the day, and all will say, 'My Glorious, My Glorious!' . . ." (I forget the name and the artist this verse comes from, but it is not mine, I do not claim any ownership over the lyrics.)

I felt the heaviness begin to lift when I started singing and I felt a surge of warmth and energy as the other girls joined in the singing. We sang that verse over again around five times. When we were done, we opened our eyes and I felt that the spirit had left and the other girls reported feeling the same.

After this, I felt normal the rest of that night and the next morning and I haven't felt something dark and heavy like that since I left there. I don't believe I have ever seen a spiritual being or really physically have felt something other-worldly except for that deep-gut feeling in the cabin that there was something outside and the heaviness on my shoulders.

I do believe the accounts from my cabin leader who saw the faceless being and the girl who felt her toes being pulled and tickled. 

I would like to know more about this faceless entity though; I find it quite intriguing. Please let me know if you have had a similar experience or have seen him/her/it, and if you know its name, I would really love to know.

This is all out of mere curiosity; I don't plan on doing anything with this information like a seance or a conjuring--I'm too scared of what might come to pass if I participated in such activities, but please share any related information of this faceless being, toe ticklers, or window watchers. Thank you!  

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