Famous Hauntings in Texas

Famous Hauntings in Texas

No matter what state or country you live in, there are always going to be locations that the townspeople will be afraid of due to rumors and sightings of ghosts. There will always be those skeptics out there that say people who see or believe in ghosts are just plain crazy.

However, if there is no such thing as ghosts, are all people that say they have seen them or heard them lying? Chances are, no.

There have been ghost sightings all over the world and many people spend their lives searching for them to find the scariest and spookiest places in America.

Some even make a career out of chasing ghosts!

Whether you are ghost hunter, a curious visitor to the state or you live here, these locations to come are some of the most haunted locations that can found in Texas. Even the biggest skeptic in the world could go to these places and become believers!

The Driskill Hotel
The next time you are in Texas and you are looking for a hotel to stay in, make it the Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas! This is said to be one of the most haunted place in Texas today and while haunted, it's still very elegant and cozy.

It is said that there are two known ghosts in the lobby of the hotel, a room with haunted mirrors as well as a ghost security guard upstairs.

One of the ghosts in the main lobby, usually by the front desk of the hotel, is a small girl that walks around chasing a bouncing ball. Maybe she just likes seeing who checks in and who checks out?

The other ghost in the lobby sits in the old vault of the hotel. Many say this is the ghost of the depression-era hotel manager, but ironically he is said to be rather cheerful!

When there was a depression and all of the banks in town closed many years ago, the hotel manager would open the vault and give the money to people who were in dire need.

He trusted that each of the borrowers would return the money once they had it and each and everyone of them did. He was a very kind person and still is. He won't harm you, he just likes to sit and watch guests as well as welcoming them on certain occasions.

To be sure that the hotel is safe during the evenings, famous ghost, LBJ, acts a security guard. He is rumored to walk the halls every evening as quickly as he can to check on the activity that is going on.

Wilson County Ghosts
Wilson County, Texas has been around for around 150 years. Like many other old towns, there are of course legends of ghosts that roam through creeping out it's current residents. In this county, the Court House is where one is commonly seen almost on a daily basis.

Many who have been to this court house have seen a very beautiful young woman in a red dress.

They call her "lady-in-red" She has been seen many times in the middle of the day or in the dead of night by janitors who were cleaning up the courtrooms.

One of the most well known stories of the lady-in-red is from a janitor who was just simply doing his job by cleaning up a court room after the court had let out. Nobody was allowed in there once all was said and done.

The janitor saw her walking around the judge's desk. Since nobody was allowed in there but him, he tried to tell the women to leave the courtroom and she only kept walking around the desk.

He turned his back only for a second to place down his mop to find that she had disappeared. He looked around for her but couldn't find her. She was just gone.

He couldn't really believe what he had just seen and then he found out that many other people had seen her around the court house just as well.

She only comes out on certain occasions, so if you go to the court house, there is no guarantee that you will actually see her. She comes out when she is ready and wants to show herself.

Nat Ballroom
In Amarillo, Texas in 1922 there a was an indoor pool called the Natatorium. This was a very popular area for the residents of the town and many people spent their days there.

However, In 1926 the location was purchased by J. D Tucker. The man had decided to turn the pool area into a dance palace instead. The pool was covered up by an amazing wooden dance floor.

This soon became the hit of the town. Today, many years later, people who visit this location say that they hear footsteps, voices and have even taken pictures of full bodied ghosts.

The most common siting in this dance palace is a woman who is dressed in a white dress that is covered in red stains. Legend has it that she was a worker that ran the cloak room.

One evening while working, just as she did every other night before that one, a man came into the cloak room and ra**d and murdered her.

Many have seen her walking the around the palace still in the beautiful white dress that she had been murdered in many years ago.

The Spaghetti Warehouse
If you are visiting Austin, Texas and you're looking to have a good meal, The Spaghetti Warehouse is a great place to eat.

Especially if you are looking to see some ghosts as well! This is one of the most well-known haunted areas in Texas today. This is one of the main reasons that people will eat here.

Many staff members there have first hand sightings of ghosts that they have encountered. They often say that when they go into the basement area, the lights will flicker on and off.

Staff members have also seen items flying of shelves in the basement while hearing screaming and yelling.

It's not just the staff members that have seen such things, many guests have left the restaurant after seeing a pair of men's legs walking around the restaurant, especially in the area of the vault the staff members say.

After eating a delicious meal, take a walk down the street to a gay men's bar, Olican Harry's. There have been sightings of the dancer, Blanche Dumont who passed away many years ago.

You will find her on the stage, dancing and laughing the night away. She's a very lively character that only wants attention!

Haunted Train
A long time ago, back in the day the small town of Aquilla was burnt to the ground two times due to trains throwing sparks as they rode through.

In the town there were many train tracks but because of the fires, they were then removed so the townspeople could be safe and so that they wouldn't have to deal with such fires anymore.

After they had removed the tracks, you would think that you would never hear or see a train in that area again, right? Wrong. People who live in that area say that still here the trains to this day.

Residents of the surrounding neighborhoods say that the train sounds are so loud they awaken them in the middle of the night. They often feel the rattling of their belongings every once in a while as well.

Have you ever seen a train light? If not, you should know that they are very bright and they can often be blinding if you look directly into them. This is another thing that many residents have experienced as well.

Lights so bright will shine into their windows when they hear these train sounds, but when they look out the window, there is nothing out there at all.

So, it's not just people ghosts that can haunt a town, it can be ghost trains too!

Texas is a beautiful and great place to live, as you can see by the stories above, nobody wants to leave it. Even after they die! Be sure to check out these locations any time that you are nearby.

Be brave and stay for an evening at Driskall or have a nice plate of spaghetti at that Spaghetti Warehouse and see some ghost legs. If you don't believe in ghosts, you surely will after spending time in the areas above!


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