Finger Poking

Finger Poking

It was during the summer of 1999 when I split up with my first wife for the first time and I was living in my shop in Dallas, Texas. I was running a home repair company out of a 15000 sq ft warehouse over-seeing about 30 crews and sleeping on a cot in the back.

Well, during this time I met a woman who had a million dollars in the bank and looked as though she had just stepped off the cover of Playboy Magazine. She asked me one day to move in with her.

I took a look at her, then looked around at that big dirty old warehouse and well the decision to do it was not that hard to make. So that evening I loaded up my truck and headed that way.

Now gentlemen have you ever heard the expression that when a woman looks that good and is still single past thirty there is probably something wrong with them?

If not, then remember it now because I'm here to tell you whom ever first thought of that statement got that s*it right! I arrived, the welcome was warm, but then; Mrs freakin Hide took over and it turned into one hell of a night!

Suddenly my rich beauty queen turned out to be a pill popping raging freakin psycho who was out of her meds and looking for a fight.

Of course I tried to just ignore the insults and get through the night, but when she revealed that cold heart of a polar bear fresh out of hibernation and kept treating me like a skinny fish I'd finally had enough.

I very properly I thought, informed cinderzilla; she could take that jaded slipper and shove it clean up her perfect plastic a*s! Loaded my truck and headed back to my cozy cot in my suddenly not so bad shop after all and called it a night. 

The next day I grabbed a paper and found a camper trailer for $600.00 and set it up on a lot at lake Lewisville.

After 2 days of repairs and a hell of a lot of cussing, I was finally settling into my new home for the first night. It wasn't so bad I thought, small yes but hey so am I, so no biggie.

I slapped me a tv dinner in the microwave, turn on the a/c, changed into my pj's. Dinner was ready so I stuck a dvd in the player and plopped down on the futon. Honestly it was kinda nice.

I was relaxed watching a good movie and had the place to myself, what more could a bachelor ask for really? I finished dinner, threw away my carton and my plastic ware and thought, "well kitchens clean" made a pot of coffee then returned to my comfy spot and resumed my movie entertainment for the evening. 

I relaxed, happy, entertained, and a freakin finger pokes me in the back! I'm telling you, you would have thought I was just possessed by the Tasmanian Devil himself I spun around so fast!

Mind you I'm at home alone sitting on the darn futon up against the wall! I looked around? Got up and inspected the cushion and the wall making sure there wasn't a snake, bug or mouse anywhere?

Walked through the trailer and checked over it? Nothing, not a darn thing anywhere.

Well by now I had calmed down decided it must have just been my imagination or maybe I had dozed off for a second and just didn't realize it.

So I returned to my futon and sat down to finish watching my movie.

My butt hit the cushion and POKE POKE right in the freaking back again! I spun the freak around and again nothing was there! I Thought wtf? and POKE POKE POKE!

I jumped to my feet so fast I don't think I even bent my knees to get up! Shouted Sternly CUT THAT S*IT OUT! now I was pi*sed! 

And that was it, Never another problem one the rest of the time I lived there.

It's freaky when you get touched by a ghost. I don't care if it's an angry slap in the face or a simple bit of jokingly poking you in the back, it just freakin weird. Just thought i'd share folks.

Sweet dreams.

Story Credit: Steven K. TX


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