Ghost Along the Road

I don't remember if I told this story or not, but I figure it has been forever since I posted one of my experiences. This one is one of the most unique and one of my favorites. It holds a special place in my heart because it happened to me and a friend of mine who wasn't sure he bought into the whole paranormal thing.

This story happened in the winter of 2010/11. I was driving home from work with my buddy Tim. We worked at a subdivision of Manitowoc Cranes called Grove. I was a welder and he was a machinist and we worked the 3:30pm-2:00am shift. 

Grove is about an hour and a half drive one way. We were a little more than half way home, it was nearly 3:00am and we were driving through a small town and we saw a girl walking on the far side of the road head in the opposite direction.

She was wearing shorts and a zip up hoodie that looked very thin. So I said to Tim that I thought we should stop and see if she is ok because it was way too cold for her to be out in those clothes. Tim agreed so we turned around no more than maybe 200 ft from where we saw her.

We tried to figure out why she would be walking alone that late with those clothes. We thought maybe she could have been in a fight with her boyfriend and he wouldn't give her a ride home, or something along those lines we didn't know but we were genuinely concerned about her.

So we drove the road the direction she was walking...but we saw nothing. There was no house in that stretch along the road. There were houses we could see on the far end of a field, but no girl walking through the field toward those houses.

So we drove till we got to the first street that we used to turn around. We started joking that we probably scared the crap out of her and she hid from us even though I think we both knew there was nowhere she could have hid from us. So, we started heading back home.

We get halfway around the first turn, and guess who we see walking along the road. I believe Tim's exact words were "what the haha is going on right now?" So I said to him, "Tim, I'm stopping," and he said in a really whiny voice "why?" Keep in mind that Tim is in his late 30's which makes it even better.

So I stop in the middle of the road and put my window down and I asked her if everything was ok. She paid no attention to us, but I asked her again if she was ok. She kept walking so I held my clutch in and coasted backwards to stay beside her and I asked if she needed a ride.

Still no reaction from her so I thought to myself, this girl is probably terrified right now that two random guys are "following" her and trying to talk to her and offering her a ride.

So I decided rather than further traumatize this poor girl, I would leave her alone. At that exact moment she stopped walking so I hit the brake to stay beside her. Without looking at us she said in a voice barely louder than a whisper "everything is fine."

So I said, "are you sure because it's pretty cold to be walking around dressed like that." Then she slowly looked at us, and again speaking so quietly she said "I'm almost there. Everything's fine." There was nothing behind her words.

She sounded so empty, like she knew that she wasn't convincing us and she wasn't trying to. I asked again, "are you sure?" She turned her head and started walking down the road again.

I shifted into first gear and pulled out. I took a quick glance in the mirror and saw nothing but darkness behind us. After a few moments of silence we tried to make sense of what just happened. Did we just witness a "lady in white" or did we just come across some doped up b***h that was so messed up she couldn't even comprehend what was happening?

I would think the latter but that doesn't explain how she disappeared when we turned around the first time. If she had found somewhere to hid from us, why didn't she hide from us the second time, or stay hidden till we passed again?

What do you think?

Story Credit: Joshua F. PA

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