Ghost in my Bedroom

Hey everyone, my name is Karlee, I'm 14 years old and this year I had moved into a house with my mum. I started to feel people watching me, some nights I wake up to the feeling of someone touching my head, but one night I saw a dark figure of a man at the end of my bed, After I heard footsteps and beads dropping, I screamed out for my mum. another night I woke up to someone touching my head and the figure of someone was sitting on my bed at my feet. I pleaded for it to leave. 

Last week I woke up and heard 3 foot steps walking in to my room, then a man whispered "come here, come here", then followed by two more footsteps. I was frightened. the next morning I asked if anyone was walking around or in my room but noone was. the following night I was to scared to sleep in my room 'cause the moment I walked in, I felt like someone was in there.. my family don't believe me but i know what i saw!!


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