last weekend I spent the nite at my cousins house. we found this old abandoned barn. it was rather small though. so we decided to go to it at mid nite. so we packed our cameras, recorders, and digital cameras. as we got there I sited something in the window.

couldn't quite make out what it was. so I told my cousin get the camera out and lets start rolling. so we did. as soon as we stepped right in the door way I can feel this presence. it felt like it didn't want me there nor my cousin. we decided to do some evp work and found no voice readings. 

so we stopped for a while. I said to my cousin lets split up and maybe they will feel free to talk to us. so I decided that he goes to where the horse cages are and I go into the small attic above us. I started to ask questions and got no response.

I went over it again just in case if I missed any evps. then I heard one voice FINALLY! and we decided to regroup up again. I looked in one room and looked back cuz I thought I heard something but to find a rabbit  hop off and look back into the room and the last thing I saw was this massive rock being thrown at me and I darted away so fast my cousin didn't realized I was gone.

so that nite I never went to sleep. IT SCARED THE S!#$ OF ME!

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