Ghost of Rock and Roll Legend: Jim Morrison

Ghost of Rock and Roll Legend: Jim Morrison

To be quite honest, I had no idea this story with accompanying supposedly ghost pictures even existed until, well, now.

In 1997 Mr. Brett Meisner a Rock and Roll Historian, had this picture shot at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France, in front of the final resting place of Mr. Jim Morrison.

You know that you have something unique and quite authentic on your hands when photographic and paranormal experts are not able to make sense of what's depicted in the ghostly photo or find any evidence of synthetic-trickery.

In 2002, Brett Meisner stated: 

"I have collected a lot of rock memorabilia over the past few decades so I figured he was playing a joke on me, but once we found the negative and made larger prints, it was quite clear to all of us that we had something odd and unique on our hands.” 

Meisner explains how the whole experience has given him an negative vibe or a bad-omen. He was even told by a spiritual-adviser that the picture just maybe a part of a curse, oddly enough, this vibe could actually be reinforced. 

Since the time that the ghost picture was brought to Meisner's attention in 2002, he has experienced numerous tragedies, one being the death of a close friend. Another a failed marriage.

“I’ve lost some high paying clients and nothing but bad luck has plagued me for the past few years.” stated Meisner in his 2002 interview. 

I felt this to be a very interesting topic. So many paranormal and photographic-experts are calling this specific print authentic . It makes for a strong case when you can't even give away supposedly cursed ghost pics.

What are your thoughts, is Jim still rockin' out in our dimension or is this all just an elaborate hoax or trick of the eye?  


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