Ghosts and Dimensions

Ghosts and Dimensions

For years, paranormal has always been something that interested me. Mainly due to wondering what happens to us when we die. From the apparitions that have been seen to the voices captured helps provide us clues with the afterlife.

We are being’s of energy so the idea that the energy source of our bodies would continue long after our body fails us. However this is where what we know ends and the realm of questions and theories begin.

Hello my name is Joseph Tokish. For years the paranormal has been something that always interested me. Although I do not have any personal experiences, I am a believer.

See and hearing the evidence collected overwhelms me. Hearing questions answered by people asking questions sends chills up throughout my body.

Many still to this day doubt the existence of the paranormal however I have not only embraced it, but have a theory to try to better understand it.

Some of you may have heard of multiple dimensions. We see the world in 3d and that is all our brain will allow us to understand as the present time however mathematically science tells us there is the possibly of 11 dimensions.

This is a very complex theory however very interesting. On the side of having a love of the paranormal world, aliens and spiritually have been things that have fascinated me.

Just the idea of beings of other worlds that may have visited us many years ago captivates me.

Many show the spiritually of ancient cultures who could truly lived for their guardian. Many of you are probably asking, “Okay Joe… this is all interesting however where you going with this”?

Well the idea came to me about a year ago and have been pondering the idea, what if what we think are ghosts are actually people of another dimension? We connect with the paranormal through the use of frequencies we cannot hear or see.

This would stand true with viewing other dimensions as well. They would be tuned differently to ours. What if we were communicating with beings of anther dimensions and did not even realize it? All we know around us in understood and interperated by our brain.

Psychics tune into a world that we cannot. They can for see elements affecting our psyche.

These same classes of people are spiritually aware and feel the effects of energy around them. Let’s take a step back and think about this. They are spiritually more advance then most and can tune into realms most of us cannot understand to help provide guidance.

Is this not the same as capturing that voice on a tape recorder that, in real time, could not hear? The radio and you were at the same place at the same time yet the radio was able to capture something on a different frequency then the human ear.

How is this even possible? Even more interesting than the electronic voice phenomena, is the capturing of black mist and apparitions.

To our eye we only see cloud like smoke move however they are shown to have a heat signature. Clearly this shows us that there is something there that cannot be interperated by our brain.

Is it possible we are living around a completely different type of creature we cannot fully understand yet? All I ask is for people to look into this idea and ask the question, is there more going on then what we thought?


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