Ghosts of Gettysburg

Ghosts of Gettysburg

Ghosts Of Gettysburg: Do They Exist?

Battlefields are easily one region which people would think of ghosts as inhabiting. This is when some people need to learn about the ghosts of Gettysburg to know where they should be looking for them in this historic battlefield.

Once you know about some of these areas, you can arrange the stops next time you go to guarantee you are able to catch some of the reported ghosts of Gettysburg.

A few of the locations which people have reported having seen some action is around the railroad station, the Jennie Wade house, the basement of the college, and even on the battlefield itself especially near Devil's Den where people have reported numerous encounters.

Once you have learned about these hot spots, you will want to make sure you travel to this region with ghost hunting in mind. 

The railroad station has had several reports of haunting and was even featured on a couple of television shows. This area, while not the main focal point of the battle did see some action and it has been reported to have heard gun shots in the region and even some thermal camera images have been captured.

However, you do need to get permission to be in this area when this activity is reported because it generally takes place at night.

With this happening then, you need to make sure you are properly prepared to stay up most of the night and then you can find out for yourself just how haunted and scary this region can be. 

Jennie Wade was the only civilian casualty of the battle. Since she was the only civilian killed her spirit is said to linger around the house where she was killed. The Jenny Wade House is open for tours.

However, you may have trouble getting permission to stay all night at the home, but the accounts on the times when her apparition is appearing is varying and this means you may get lucky and see her ghost during the tour. 

The college and seminary which are present are a reported area of activity as well. Now the reason for this is the basements which were protected from shelling for the most part were turned into a field hospital.

When these areas were turned into the hospital, it meant surgeries and other activities would take place here. As many people know, surgery in the civil war was completely different than what it involves today and quite a few people would lose their life.

Since so many people lost their lives in this horrific manner it generally means they are going to come back to haunt where they were last alive at.

In fact some people, including reputable professors, have reported being taken to the basement and having the elevator doors open only to see a surgeon motioning for help with blood covered hands. 

Battlefields are large open areas of ground which lives are lost on. Since so many peoples lives are lost in such a violent way they tend to come back and haunt the area. For example, quite a few reports have been given around the area in Devil's Den.

This region has reports of seeing troops charging across the battlefield and even gunfire has been heard when you are all alone within the woods. 

Getting to tour a reported haunted area can be very exciting for a number of reasons. However, some people will notice one of the highest reporting's for haunting will revolve around a battlefield. This is when you need to know about the ghosts of Gettysburg, they do exist, and where you should be looking to find them.

Some of the places you should consider looking is around the railroad station, the Jenny Wade house, the basement of the seminary and colleges, and even the battlefield areas themselves.

Once you know about this, it will be easy for you to head to the battlefield city with confidence you can find a ghost, even if they do not want to be located. Without knowing where to look, though, you may not have the time to make the proper arrangements to get into these locations for your ghost hunts.

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