Ghosts Stay Away from Me

This took place last year, I was 13 and a little obsessed with ghosts. I thought they were awesome (I still do) and I really wanted to see one. So my friend, who claimed almost all the time her house was haunted, insisted we buy a ouijie board and try to speak to the ghost in her house. So that Friday I went over to her house with a newly bought ouijie board and we sat there for maybe six hours just waiting for something to happen. At some point in time, Olivia (my friend) got bored and started talking to the ghost, saying things like, "Please come out, we really want to talk to you." 

It didn't work that well. So we gave up, exhausted, and went to bed. About 5 hours later, Olivia woke me by shaking me, saying, "Rose did you hear that knocking?" Sleepy, I told her I couldn't hear anything and just went back to sleep. Olivia stayed next to me all night, insisting she heard knocking noises. Her dog, Sophie (who's a pretty small dog) woke us up about 4 in the morning with a weird kind of barking. It was lower-pitched than she normally barked, and she snarled in between barks. Olivia went out into the living room and I looked on from her room, and she shrugged and looked around. Then suddenly she looked shocked and terrified, goosebumps going all over her body, and she let out a whimper. 

"What is it?" I asked, standing. Olivia just stayed there, frozen in fear, and I ran out to her. The second I stepped into the room, she relaxed and she looked at me and said, "What did you do?" 

When I asked her what she meant, she said when she had gone into the living room, something cold had wrapped around her, like arms, and she couldn't move, but the second I stepped into the room, the cold disappeared. We started joking that ghosts were afraid of me and they wouldn't come near me, and after we got a good night's sleep, I started to leave in the morning. Olivia stopped me and asked if I could get rid of the ghost, and I said loudly into the house, "If you bother anyone in here again I'll come back and get you." 

We were joking at the time, but since then Olivia said the signs of hauntings she had experienced earlier were gone. 

After that, I spent a couple months travelling to the most haunted places in the US. Wherever I went, no paranormal activity happened, even if it happened regularly. I got to the point where my mom's friend, a psychic, asked if she could "borrow" me. My mother allowed her and Ms. Judy took me to a client's place. The client's daughter, about my age, had autism, and had unexplained seizures and spoke in demonic voices even thought Alexa supposedly couldn't talk at all. Ms. Judy told Alexa's mother that her daughter was possessed and she wanted to see if I could get the ghost to go away. 

So I slept over at Alexa's house with Ms. Judy watching us constantly. Alexa was fun to play with, she was good at video games and loved to draw like I did. We were drawing, and I suddenly looked at what Alexa was drawing. It looked like a giant pig standing upright like a person. She had colored it so it's whole body was grey and white but it's eyes were blood red, and it had enormous fangs coming out of it's mouth. Ms. Judy freaked out, as well as Alexa's mother. When Alexa was asked why she drew the picture, or what it was, she just shook her head and looked scared. 

It was about 11 at night when Ms. Judy decided to see what would happen if she took me out of the room. As I was walking out, Alexa started crying and trying to pull me back, like she didn't want me to go, and because I'm a really nice person I almost refused to leave, but Ms. Judy insisted it would be for her own good and took me out, to the other side of the house. 

We were in the kitchen when Alexa's mom came running in, crying and saying Alexa was possessed again. Ms. Judy told me to stay in the kitchen and she ran into the room, and for a long time I was in the kitchen alone. I heard a knocking on one of the doors and kind of freaked out, but I just said, "Go away, this is my house now, not yours." And the knocking stopped. 

Ms. Judy finally called me into Alexa's room. Alexa was glaring and swaying around, and she muttered stuff I didn't understand, gripping the blankets and pulling at her hair. Ms. Judy asked me how I got rid of ghosts and I just told her they usually left the room when I came in. I guess this one felt safe inside Alexa and didn't leave, but soon enough (because I was really rash and inexperienced with this kind of stuff) I just hugged Alexa and said to whatever was making her act like this, "You better stop hurting my friend and get out of this house and never bother anyone ever again, or I'll find you and I'll never let you go." 

Alexa almost immedetiately calmed down, and soon afterwards I was thanked and Ms. Judy took me home. I still talk to Alexa to this day, and she hasn't had another seizure and she's learning to live better with her autism. The picture she drew of the pig, I took home and hung it on my wall. Whenever I remember that ghost, I glare at the picture like a warning not to come back. 

Ever since then, Ms. Judy uses me every once and a while to get rid of a ghost or help one of her clients. To this day, ghosts avoid me. I still haven't seen one and I rarely see or hear any activity from them. I don't know what I did to scare them off, but because of that I can always tell when someone's faking a haunting. 

I still want to see a ghost, too!

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