Growing Up in a Haunted Pub

Growing Up in a Haunted Pub

Hi, my name is Triston, i'm 16 years old and from a little town with a population of around 40,000-50,000 people, in the UK.

The town that I live in has a few haunted places but my parents and their 2 best friends (which were also married) decided they was going to own the 2 most haunted pubs in town.

Only being 10 at the time I didn't think anything of it just a new adventure, I thought it was an amazing idea and awesome that I get to say "Hey my parents own a haunted pub" but I started to wish my parents never did. 

As we all know younger children have such crazy imaginations and at the time my parents best friends had 4 children and youngest who was around 5-6 was the first one to tell me about what she's been experiencing.

When me and her first went upstairs to play (I was the one looking after her as I was the oldest) we was in the kitchen playing 'children' (a game were I was the adult and she was the child) she just randomly went "Go away" I looked at her totally confused so I asked what was wrong and she replied with "Oh nothing just the man was following us again, he never listens to me.

Will you tell him?" I was spooked! I just couldn't get over what she said so I laughed and told her to stop being silly, it's nothing. Only being 10 I just shrugged it of after a while. 

Not a lot happened after that I just heard foot-steps, the doors would open and close, things would go missing or the staircase would creak. Just random things like that would happen so i'm just going to skip to my mum's experience. 

One night my mum and I (when I was 13) were talking about ghosts and I told her about what happened in the kitchen ages ago. She then went on about how about 5 days ago she was filling the till up with money and just heard this smash (there was glasses above her)she said that she was waiting for the glass to fall on her but nothing did, also she couldn't find the glass that was actually smashed.

Her next experience was when she was in the toilets washing her hands. She was 100% sure she saw a young lady walk past her (this is from the mirror) into the cubicle next to her but when she went to say hi no-one was there. 

Now my experiences seem to me to be the weirdest and you'll find out why. Every weekend I'd go to work with my mum and help her clean up the mess from the night before.

As I was the only one that would actually go in the toilets and re-fill the toilet rolls, that was my job but one morning it just was terrifying.

I went in to do my job but this time I felt like I was being watched, then I felt like someone was breathing on my arm while i was leaning over to empty the bin but once again I shrugged it off. 

When I was doing the cubicle my mum thought she saw a girl in, I felt cold, also like gusts of wind was blowing on me which freaked me out but I carried on.

After about 10 seconds I just froze, I don't know why it was like my body knew something was going to happen. Then out of no-where something or someone screamed so loud into my ear it deafened me for a few seconds.

I went out screaming and crying to my mum. Ever since then I never went into the toilet unless I really had too or I was with more than 1 person. 

Also with my mums experiencing with the smashing glass it took 3-5 months to find it. It was in the most obvious place which my mum had made perfectly clear, she checked regularly and she never saw it there before. 

Now with the second pub which we only owned for about 9-12 months wasn't as bad but it was still just as spooky.

Like one day i was going upstairs to investigate this new place, the first door to the staircase had a lock and a key which obviously you had to personally lock, half way up the stairs the door slammed shut (with a lot of force actually) and locked both me and my brother (who was around 10) upstairs.

Both be-wilderd by what had just happened we ran back down the staircase to the door and started shouting for help. I just told my brother it was probably just the wind but I think he knew it certainly was not the wind. 

Now a lot more happened at the first pub like the people who lived there told my mum and dad that he was pinned down to his bed and couldn't move but oh well. 

I know my experience's aren't as good as some of them and they probably don't have much description and detail but oh well. Hope you liked it. 

Story credit: Triston. 


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