Four years ago I was living in an apartment on the property that I still currently work for. I was in a new relationship at the time and the woman I was with kept insisting there was a spirit of a little girl there in the apartment.

I hadn't seen or heard anything so I really didn't pay it much attention. One day I came in tired, it had been a long day so I decided to lay down for a nap.

A couple of hours later my girlfriend woke me up holding a cup of coffee she had made for me.

I sat up in the bed still weary of course looked past her and there was a little girl peaking around the corner of the door watching me.

I thought it was the neighbors daughter looked at my girlfriend and asked her what is Jazzy doing here?

She just grinned real big and said Jazzy isn't here there is no one here but you and me. Confused, I said no she is right there look to the door and the little girl was gone.

I got up immediately and walked through the apartment only to find it empty and the door locked with both the dead bolt and the privacy lock.

The privacy lock can only be locked from the inside so I knew then the girl I had seen must have been a ghost. 

The next morning when I went into work I told the manager what had happened. She looked at me and smiled and told me it was Hailey.

Stunned I asked who's Hailey? She went on to explain a few years before I had come to work for the property there was a little girl that lived there named Hailey who was hit and killed by a car waiting for the school bus at the end of the street.

She looked confused and said but wait a minute, she said that Hailey had lived in the apartment next to mine.

Well we got to talking it over, that building had burned and been rebuilt since the little girl passed and in fact my bedroom was located were the living room would have been in her apartment in the building before.

So then I asked her if she still had the resident file on the apartment in the records from the time they had lived there?

I thought with that we could confirm that indeed it was the apartment she had lived in since the manager seemed a bit unsure. She pulled the file and we began looking at it, sure enough it was the apartment the little girl lived in.

Then I noticed something that just gave me a chill.

There on the resident information sheet was listed each member of the house hold as well as their birth days. The day before when I saw Hailey was in fact her mothers birthday.

I thought now if that isn't proof that a childs love for its mother transcends death then I don't know what is. Sweet Dreams,

Story credit: Steve K. | Texas.

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