Haunted Antique Shops

Previous to knowing anything about paranormal activities and there relevance to spiritual attachments and haunting, my friend and I entered a shop of the sorts. It was a really strange experience for three reasons. First, normal teenage peers would be playing video games and watching television, second, who likes antique shops anyways, and third, this place was haunted. 

To skip the boring details of psychology and human behavior we will just skip to the strange occurrences that happened here. The main thing we noticed was the difference in temperatures and air pressures in the smaller rooms. And just because it was smaller didn't mean it was more dense air. Sometimes it was just the opposite. We could be in the back of the shop where it was naturally warmer because of the location and the time of the year into a room that was smaller but seemed less dense but cooler in temperature. And it just didn't make sense. 

Secondly we went upstairs to the top floor. This place was of particular interest because it gave both of us goosebumps and raised our hair. But there was nothing to be spooked about. It was just the atmosphere around us that said get out. So we left. 

It was fun to look at all of the items that people have given to the antique shop and all of the interesting books, dolls, glasses, coffee cups, and awesome junk that has accumulated there over the years. It was very tempting to buy but I am glad I didn't because some of those things are guaranteed to have spirits attached to them. Think of all the old people's stuff that gets brought there?

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