Haunted House

Haunted House

I am 23 years old and have basically believed in the paranormal my whole life but never really experienced much until I moved into my new home.

I moved into a 4 bedroom 2 story house in Nebraska this house is over 100 years old. So I'll start with the stories. 

I live with my boyfriend, 2 guys, and my 3 year old daughter. There are two rooms upstairs (Gene and My boyfriend and I's room) and two rooms downstairs (Jon and an empty room I call the 4th room).

My boyfriend Seph works from 6 in the morning to 6 at night. While Jon and Gene work from 1pm to 10pm so I'm usually here by myself every day for several hours. 

Well a couple of days after I moved in I was in our room watching tv when I started hearing footsteps coming up the stairs, I brushed it off as this is an old house and just creaking. Until I heard it a little later this time it sounded closer, closer, and closer until I started praying than it stopped.

I didn't bother telling my boyfriend because I thought he would think I was crazy and over reacting.

After that happened I decided when the boys left I would hang out in the living room with Wynter (my daughter). So the next day I was sitting on the couch watching tv when I started hearing walking upstairs in MY room. I ignored it because I didn't get a creepy feeling so I thought it wasn't harmful. 

Again, I decided not to tell Seph, that night he went to bed early with our daughter and I decided to stay up and clean the house. When Jon and Gene got home we got to talking about this and that. When Jon brought up that he thought this place was haunted.

I asked him why and this is what he told me; 

  • This house was built in 1905 and was a boarding home for workers at the plant here. So a lot of men have come and gone. 
  • There was a old woman who lived here by herself before the boys moved in. She had a ton of cats all around this house. She mostly kept to herself in the bedroom downstairs aka Jon's room. She was on oxygen and a avid smoker. Well one night she was smoking a cig and fell asleep well she caught the house on fire and she passed away and so did a lot of the cats. 
  • He has seen stuff move around in the house, hear voices, and has also heard walking upstairs. 

So with all of that I finally told him that I have heard footsteps on the stairs and walking in my room. 

My parents came to visit for a weekend which was our Christmas basically, and my mom has always been open to everything paranormal.

I didn't tell her anything that was happening here and right when she walked in she told me she felt someone else here and kept looking towards the 4th room. That's when I told her what was happening.

We both agreed we didn't feel threaten so we just brushed it off. For Christmas they got her a Toy Story Punching bag, A sit and spin, and a couple of other things. They didn't want to leave Wynter so soon so we agreed for them to take Wynter for a couple of weeks (they live in CO) cause they rarely get to see her. 

So a couple nights after they left, Seph and I were sitting in the living room watching Cake Boss (not a good thing to watch when you are pregnant lol) and Wynter's new blow up punching bag was laying by the couch when all of a sudden it looks like someone just kicked it into the air and it landed across the room.

Right after that my whole left side started getting super cold. I looked at Seph and he just shrugged. I'm not going to lie, I was scared by I tried not to show it! 

After that I haven't seem much stuff move like that. I mean stuff will fall in the kitchen or in the living room. I get creepy feelings in the 4th room and being on those stairs freaks me out. I have a huge feeling and I don't know why but I think someone hung themselves on those stairs. 

Well a week after that the boys went off somewhere and I was all by myself AGAIN lol. I will admit I was watching Ghost Adventures, it was cloudy outside and cold. We have a pit bull named Kaylee...she's a wonderful dog! and she was sitting next to me watching TV as well...then out of no where turned towards the 4th room and started growling.

I turned the TV onto mute and watched over there for a bit. I didn't see anything so I just tried to push it away. 5 minutes later Kaylee did it again this time her hair was standing straight up. That's when I turned off the TV and decided to call my mom just to keep my mind off of everything.

As I'm talking to her I started getting a headache and my throat started hurting, that's when I heard a woman crying. Right when that started, Kaylee started growling and barking then all of a sudden whimpered and took off towards the door.

I hung up on my mom and ran with the dog outside. I stayed out there for 5-10 mins trying to calm myself.

I came back inside and noticed my headache was gone, so I decided to call Seph and see when he was coming back home. But right when I picked up the phone I heard Seph pull up. I told them what happened right when they walked in and Seph tried to comfort me.

That's when Gene's Girlfriend moved in to keep my company while the boys were gone. 

I never heard the crying again, but I have noticed something strange and it's been freaking me out and I haven't told anyone this yet. A couple of weeks ago I was in my room watching TV, Wynter was laying by me.

She sat up and got a huge smile and said "Hi Dada" out of the corner of my eye I saw Seph standing by the couch but he had no shirt on and in his PJ pants. He was staring at me when I looked over he wasn't there.

I've also seen "Seph" a couple times walking through the kitchen and standing in the door way between the dining room and the 4th room. Always just staring at me, does anyone have any idea what it could be?

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