Haunted Turnpike Tunnel

If anyone here has seen the movie The Road and remembers the scene where they were at the tunnel...I live 20 minutes away from that tunnel and that is where this story takes place.

My friends and I have been going to the Sideling Hill Tunnel for years now and for the most part, it does not disappoint. Recently, it seems as if the activity has been picking up.

We have been going there at least once a weekend over the past month or so because we feel that you can't prove a place is haunted or not with just a few hours one night.

If you recall my last EVP that I posted, the "better leave" (I also have a confirmation EVP asking what it said a few nights before and it said "leave" again but I haven't been able to post it because of technical issues but I'm still working on it) it would seem as if the spirit(s) of the tunnels do not want us hanging out there anymore.

I think last night they were trying to show they were serious... 

The night started off with what was supposed to be a five person investigation consisting of myself, my little brother Jordan, my best friend Richard, Richard's co-worker Kajin, and Kajin's friend Holly.

Unfortunately, due to irrelevant circumstances, Kajin and Holly were unable to attend. We picked up another one of Richard's co-workers (Jesse) and he agreed to meet us out there when he got off work.

As soon as we got out of the car I saw what looked to be a white figure walking from right to left in front of the tree line which is only about 100 yards away.

This prompted us to do an investigation at the CCC camp that you have to walk through to get to the tunnels.

The camp is reportedly haunted and was included in one of Patty Wilson's (one of my favorite paranormal authors) Haunted Pennsylvania books.

We were only there for about 30 minutes before Jesse showed up but in that time we heard a loud bang in the woods, something knocking on the trees around us, a very distinct whistle (that we are absolutely certain was not a bird, it sounded too human if that makes sense) and my brother and I both saw little white figures darting across the path.

We ran EVP while we were in the area so once I review the evidence hopefully we have some of that to back it up. 

Once Jesse showed up, we decided to move on through the woods to the old stretch of turnpike that leads to the tunnel. Once we got to the tunnels we were going to split up until we realized that Richard had dropped one of the walkie-talkies somewhere along the path.

He and I backtracked to locate it and as we did we ran into a friend and fellow investigator Buddy and his friend Amy. They saw my car parked out at the camp so they decided to try and catch up to us.

Once we regrouped, we decided to go through the tunnels to do our investigation at the other side. Richard and Jesse walked the ventilation shaft above the tunnel while the rest of us trekked the old turnpike itself.

After about 25-30 minutes of walking (the tunnel is over a mile long) we once again regrouped at the far end. 

We were at that end of the tunnel for nearly half an hour before anything started to happen. We all agreed that it felt dead there but we continued to hang out and hope for the best.

Then I decided that I needed to use the "pissing room" which is just a small room with a cut out in the floor that is always filled with runoff rain water (resembles a sump pump) and there is a coal chute to the left of the door.

When you are using the "facilities" you actually have your back turned to the coal chute. After I finished Buddy had to relieve himself as well and he came out and said he heard something in the coal moving.

He couldn't see anything when he looked in but asked if he could have one of my recorders to do an isolation EVP session. He was only in there for a few minutes then came back out because there was too much noise from other people talking.

Almost immediately he started complaining about something irritating his back. He pulled his shirt up and he had marks on his back.

I snapped a few pics and asked if he was okay and if he wanted to continue investigating and like a trooper he said he wanted to keep going. 

Paranormal marks on back
As odd as it was we weren't running out of there because someone had some marks on their back. Buddy decided he wanted to do another iso session in the room.

This time I set up a video camera and some flashlights hoping that if anything moved in there it would cast a shadow. I left Buddy to himself and went back outside with everyone else.

A few minutes later Buddy called for me and asked if I was moving around and I said yeah.

I saw him shining his light outside the door and wanted to see if he needed anything and he said he shined his light out the door because he thought he heard me walking in the room next to him (which I was not in I was outside).

We decided to kill some time we were going to try to open this set of doors that has been closed for years and we've never been in there.

Whenever we started trying to get in there is when stuff really started. The atmosphere completely changed. We all started feeling on edge, and just felt like someone was watching us.

Buddy came back out after a few minutes and had more marks on his back, my walkie-talkie went from almost a full battery to dead in minutes, and Amy heard footsteps walking right beside her as if coming out of the tunnel.

Then the crazy part is after it died it started making weird noises which we have video of.

We left the walkie-talkie in the same room Buddy was doing his EVP session in and left the video camera and audio running so I will have to go through that and see if we picked up anything.

After we packed up everything that room we went back outside where the others were trying to get the doors open. Multiple times we heard what sounded like someone throwing rocks at us through the trees.

It felt like I was in an episode of Finding Bigfoot (the rocks being thrown, wood knocking, whistling, etc.). 

After numerous failed attempts of opening the door, more scratches on Buddy's back (which always appeared in pairs if that means anything to anyone) and sunrise just a few minutes away we decided to head back through the tunnel.

After we got probably 150 yards into the tunnel Buddy started saying about his back bothering him again. Amy and I stopped to check out his back for any more marks and the others kept walking ahead.

As we were looking Amy and I heard a hissing sound from behind us and we just looked at each other as to ask "did you just hear that?" but we both knew from the look on each others face we both heard it.

We started moving again and a few minutes later Amy said her leg was hurting but she didn't want to stop. After seeing that she was almost in tears I told her we were stopping so she could get off it for a couple minutes.

We looked at her leg and didn't see any marks. As we were sitting there giving her a break Richard said he thought he heard something so we went quiet and killed the lights and it sounded like there were footsteps at the end of the tunnel and a few times it sounded like s**t was being thrown down through the tunnel. 

Paranormal back scratches

We started walking out again and after no more than a minute Amy could barely walk and we looked at her leg again and she rolled her pant leg up and there was a scratch on it.

Unlike the marks on Buddy's back her's actually broke the skin. The scratch wasn't there when we were looking at her leg a minute earlier. She took a picture of her leg after she got home and it actually looks like there is bruising around the scratch. 

Paranormal scratches on leg

We made it out of the tunnels the rest of the way without incident. 

*In total Buddy has 4 sets of marks on his back but with the flash on the camera it made them appear very faint and sometimes completely invisible.

Story Credit: Joshua F | Pennsylvania

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