Haunted West Virginia

West Virginia has a splendid history, which goes back as far as the early Indian settlements in the area. The state played an indelible role in the Civil War. The reverberation of such a colorful past still rings at many locations in the state.

These places are believed to be haunted by the restless spirits who just cannot let the past go. The following are examples of the most Haunted West Virginia structures and places:

West Virginia Penitentiary - Moundsville
A Gothic-styled structure, which served as a prison from 1876 to 1995. Presently, the prison is a tourist attraction with a fame of being haunted.

During its years of operation, many prisoners were executed by way of hanging and the electric chair. The stories revolve around a particular harrowing murder in which an inmate was beaten to death and his body parts were scattered in the boiler room.

Another inmate was reportedly stabbed 37 times and his body was found in the blood-strewn floor of his cell.Visitors to the prison have felt the presence of his spirit on the floor of the cell.

Individuals have also heard cries and wailings from the Psychiatry ward. It is also believed that the prison's boiler room is a hotbed of poltergeist activity, which makes the asylum a hotspot for paranormal-activity.

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
Built between 1858 and 1881, the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum was the house of many mentally sick people. The building was designed to provide ample sunlight and fresh air to the inhabitants.

The asylum was closed down in the 1950s and today, it is one of the most haunted West Virginia destinations. As many patients throughout their lives inhabited the place and died here, it seems that their souls still reside in the rooms.

Visitors hear sounds and voices that have no logical explanation. Many people have also spotted apparitions and have felt extreme uneasiness while touring the site.

God's Acre Cemetery or Bethany Cemetery - Bethany
The cemetery houses the graves of the first missionaries - Thomas and Alexander Campbell. In 1866, stones from a local flour mill were used to construct the wall surrounding the graveyard.

Legend has it, that because of this wall, the spirits of the missionaries are unable to quit the place and hence, they haunt it.

As a haunted West Virginia location, this place is reported as having many paranormal occurrences.

Investigators exploring the graveyard have reportedly felt heaviness as soon as they made entrance while many have felt the presence of an unexplained force.

Photographs that are taken at this location reveal Ectoplasm, which are not visible to the naked eye.

The Plumly Mansion, Mason County
An abandoned building that scares the wits out of those that pass by, not to mention those who dare to take a tour of the interiors. It was allegedly inhabited by a couple.

The wife was pushed into the well by the husband. Investigators claim that the screams of the unfortunate woman can still be heard at night.

This haunted West Virginia site is reported to have witnessed a suicide too. A young black man took his own life by hanging himself in a closet in one of the upper floors.

Many people claim to have seen bloodstains on the walls of the basement. They also assert that the sounds of the black man preparing for hanging himself can be heard at night.

The porch light turns on by itself after sundown. Interestingly, the building does not have any electricity.

Capitol Plaza Theatre, Charleston
This theater was constructed in 1909 at the same location where the Welch Mansion existed since 1798. A few members of the Welch family still live in the theater.

Perhaps that is why the ghosts of their ancestors roam the corridors of the building even now.You will feel a distinct unease when you enter the place. Among many apparitions, the appearance of John Welch has been reported by many visitors.

John's father had built the house and John was the only heir to the Welch legacy. He is quite attached to the place and the actors who stage plays here. John likes to play tricks on people and is not very easy to spot.

Molly Welch is another shy spirit who likes to watch the actors rehearse. She can be seen in the first row on the balcony when actors stand on the stage. She was John's daughter who died at the tender age of 8 due to pneumonia.


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