Hauntings in Louisiana

Louisiana is quite popular for its number of haunted places. The state has a rich history with several violent and painful events. These events have made Louisiana a hotbed of a host for paranormal activities.

You will find motels, schools and prisons, which are rumored to be inhabited by the restless souls of the dead.

Below is a list of the most popular locations of Hauntings in Louisiana:

Ellerbe Road School, Ellerbe Road
Originally known as George Washington Carver School, the school is rumored to be haunted due to a variety of reasons. The school was established for the education of black children living in Caddo Parish.

Later on, it was integrated but due to lack of sufficient students, it was shut down.

After a few years, Baptist Christian College was moved into the building. Unfortunately, the college went through severe financial crises and problems regarding accreditation.

Finally, even the college moved out of the building, turning the Ellerbe Road School into a deserted site for known hauntings since then.

Rumors are rife regarding the school being jinxed. Many believe that the spirits of those students haunt the school, which died in the fire while the school was still functioning.

Besides, the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the janitor and a few students has labeled the school as being housed by evil powers. The janitor was accused of having molested these students.

The school is also known to have the graves of the high priest and priestess, who supposedly practiced black magic here.

Pea Farm, South Shreveport
Is an abandoned prison which was closed down during the 50s. It is located deep inside the woods of South Shreveport. Being deserted for a number of years, the site has been captured by dense vegetation.

The dilapidated building definitely gives an eerie look. This old prison is believed to be haunted by the spirits of the prisoners, who died violent deaths due to the callous treatment of the authorities.

People have claimed to hear moans and heartrending screams coming from the building. The highest number of paranormal activities has been reported from the female prison that is situated a little distance away from the main premises.

The large number of prisoners met with an agonizing end due to severe beatings. No wonder, the site reverberates with the distressful sound of the departed souls.

It makes the farm as one of the more popular sites for Hauntings in Louisiana.

During the 50's, an artist called Clyde Connell was the jail Superintendent's wife. She resided on the Pea Farm.

It is known that many of the inmates served as an inspiration for her art. However, it is not yet clear how exactly she used them for satisfying her artistic cravings.

The most shocking and distressing aspect of this site is that the present owner is not able to sell the farm.

The land is replete with buried bodies of the inmates and a little turning of the soil will certainly reveal their ghastly existence. All this makes Pea Farm one of the eeriest places for a good spook.

Taylortown Bell Tower
Situated in the Bossier City, Taylortown Bell Tower is one of the most well-known sites for Hauntings in Louisiana. The bell tower was actually a part of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Taylortown.

Several tragic incidents are believed to have taken place on this site. The most striking one is about a bride, who had been waiting for her fiance on the bell tower. However, unfortunately, the fiance; met with a car accident and passed away.

On hearing that, the grief-stricken bride fell from the steps of the tower and she died too. Many believe that the bride hanged herself. Another popular story revolves around the burning down of the church by a devastated father, whose daughter had died.

The daughter was supposed to be married in the same church.People have heard the sobs and screams in the vicinity. Moreover, on clear nights you can hear the sound of ringing bells.

The Hanging Tree, Lakeshore Drive
The tree witnessed the brutal deaths of many slaves by their owner. He not only used to hang them for the slightest of mistakes but also used to torment them heavily while they were approaching death.

Paranormal investigators have detected that the temperature beneath the tree is 10-15 degrees lower than that of the surroundings and unexplained screams and moans have been reported by many passers-by.

Old Eli's Bar, Highway 80
The site is presently a motel, which earlier had a bar called Old Eli's Bar. Several supernatural occurrences have been reported from this place.

There is a mirror, in which you can see the reflection of a man but as you turn around, there is no one. Many of the employees of the motel have reported to have been hit by objects thrown at them.

On all occasions, they have failed to determine who had thrown the things at them.


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