Hauntings in Maryland

Hauntings in Maryland

Maryland is one of the states which has a rich-history and this has, in many ways, affected its modern lifestyles.

According to the US Bureau of Statistics in 2010, the state has the highest median household income which makes it the wealthiest but this is not even what draws many people to the sprawling lands.

According to Natural Resource a publication of the state department, the public lands in Maryland provide the perfect treasure hunt for ghost seers and hence, hauntings in Maryland are an everyday topic. 

In fact, studies to dig deeper into the reports of ghost sightings and haunted places have influenced historians into stating that the history of the state which in every epoch was marked by deaths is to account for the phenomena.

So, if you believe in ghosts and there is no reason you should not, then a visit to the state will put you right at the center of action and you need to read more to enrich your visit there. 

Point Look Out
If you are not ready to see a ghost yet, then this is not the place to start because when you blend the bloody history with the succinct stories of sightings, the close connection will definitely make your hair rise.

One of the conspicuous features in the area is the lighthouse and here, stories abound about a soldier attired in civil war clothes guarding the lighthouse.

This is one of the most plausible hauntings in Maryland considering there were over 20,000 prisoners over the course of the civil war at Camp Hoffman.

Paranormal experiences have been reported also from inside the lighthouse and within the over 1,000 acre park including unusual sounds and smells inside the lighthouse to sightings of an old woman searching for a grave. Want to believe it? Why not pay a visit. 

Anteitam Battle Field
On the far western edge of Central Maryland lies the Antietam Battle Field outside the town of Sharpsburg.

One of the war's bloodiest single days took place here and people believe these lands are clogged with blood of civil war soldiers.

It is thus no wonder that Bloody Lane, Pry House and the Burnside Bridge have been sites of numerous ghosts sighting over the years.

Ghosts of the civil war soldiers are said to roam the battle field and at the Pry House which served as headquarters, works reckon they have seen a woman standing at the window where the General died and another worker meeting a woman in civil war attire coming down the stairs. 

Old Western Burial Ground/ Ghost of Edgar Poe
One of the most magnificent burial sites on this side of the state but what transfixes people is the fact that a section of it is almost inaccessible.

Then there are stories about a main dressed in black who is said to haunt the grave of Edgar Poe in the cemetery and the most chilling thing remains the fact that all sightings have indicated the same dressing code; black pants, coat, fedora, walking stick and every time he visits, he is kind enough to leave a bottle of whiskey during the birthday of Poe every January 19th. 

Annapolis; Middle Town Tavern
There is always something creepy about old buildings but one of the oldest taverns in Annapolis will send shivers down your spine. It hosted some of the greatest personalities from the 1700s including Benjamin Franklin but paranormal activities seem the order of the day.

From a table toppling itself to a plate flying across the room every so often, it is definitely one of the places that will tickle your ghost sighting nerve.

Hauntings of Mary Surratt
After her conviction and being sent to the gallows the woman could hardly walk and as she was prepared to hang even as her coffin waited nearby, there was no mercy as the law had dictated so.

As usual, her haunting of the place is associated with the travesty that was her trial linking her to Lincoln's assassination.

Tradition holds that the sounds of shackles are still heard in the court house which wrongly convicted her and visitors to her former boarding house have reported feeling another presence in their rooms and even being touched by a woman's hands.

People who work there have also reported seeing apparitions among other paranormal activities.

Truth be said, no single review can assess all the hauntings in Maryland including Forest Haven, Snow Hill Inn, Locust Point, Black Aggie and Druid Ridge cemetery to mention a few.

Surprisingly, these haunting will definitely help you understand and appreciate the rich heritage of Maryland. So are you ready to go ghost hunting? Maryland awaits you.


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