One day me and a friend played with the Ouija board. We both thought nothing of it. We thought it was a bunch of bull. Well, another friend has these two boxes, supposedly haunted. Again, bull. We didn't believe in any of it.

This Hebrew box was shut and sealed with wax. It had bones and ashes in it. Well, we got the two boxes and opened them (they were already opened. we didn't break the seal) and placed them beside the board. We both asked it some questions. It spelled out Durnell who has been locked in one of these boxes since like the early 1500s.

The "planchete" began to go crazy from Z to O, like a few hundred times. This red box would even open without anybody touching it or winding it up. The music was creepy with it opening. We've been doing research on this ZOZO demon for a few weeks now. A few nights ago, my friend wakes up around 3 am and the box is playing. Well, I also wake up. My bed is adjacent to this full length mirror, it was pitch dark, and in the mirror, I had seen a black shadow.

I told her about it and at first she thought it was my reflection. She came and sat on my bed. "Okay, it wasn't your reflection. Maybe it was this mannequin's head?" I told her it was a full figure. She then ran out of my room and closed her door. She came back to my room and told me a demonic story. She pulled up her tank top, right there on her left shoulder was a huge bite mark. Teeth prints visible.

We never touched that board again. Especially when we were asking the board questions. It knew us. So I'm trying to see if she is responsible for moving the eye around to spell out our middle names. She asked first. It then spelled out "F-A-L-O-N" she looked at me with her eyes bulging wide. I then asked about my middle name.

It spelled out something and I said "That's not my middle name, it's Lynn" the board then gone crazy. It said L-I-E-S! Nothing but lies!!" At this point, we decide to end our session. Then two more spirits come along, Lily and ZOZO. Lily was telling us to stop playing and her twin sister was coming for us.

Lily even told us to RUN! Lily said her sister was evil, that she was coming after us. We freaked. Later that night, I just got out of the shower and I hear someone calling my name. I ask my friend if she heard it and she didn't. I asked my parents if they called me. Nope.



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