Henryton State Hospital

Henryton State Hospital

There is nothing that can compare the feeling one gets from stumbling apon 1930's architecture. 

Henryton Sanitarium,mental retardation rehabilitation and tuberculosis quarantine zone. Buried deep within the Patapsco River Valley (Maryland) these rotting relics aren't the only secrets to be offered. On the outside Henryton seems a silent retreat from the comings and goings of the world. A place to offer serenity and peace of mind. Though the echo of time is far from silenced. Most who came to Henryton came to be exiled;the unwanted,the forgotten,and the damned. 

Night falls on the thick woods of Marriottsville. The team and myself walk up the long paved driveway to the Asylum. Every step comes less easy as we feel the eyes on our skin. Wondering if we are in the right place or if the journey will be long, just then as we could not mistake the magnificent white glow of the main hall against the pitch black of the new moon. We turn our torches and begin to scout the area. 

Administration - Do sign in! The walls are torn apart but the original administration desk remains along with working desks,file cabinets and the disembodied voices of those who tended them. 

The Main Hall - This is where you will spend most of your time with the other unfortunates..I hope you're not easily shaken by the rumbling of the foundation and unseen hands that grab when you least expect them. 

The courtyard - Every prisoner deserves a little yard time! 

The Children's Annex - A gaping hole where a roof once looked over the children of Henryton. You may experience some pushing and giggling in the dark, but the head mistress will be along soon to hush the ruckus. 

The long,winding halls and dark staircases breathe sparks of the past.The spirits lingering in these pieces of haunted history are still very much alive, and one thing is certain; the only true way to know what Henryton life was like is to make a formal visit. 

WARNING!: Henryton State Hospital is subject to Asbestos and Lead Paint. The structures are no longer stable therefore it is posted no trespassing in the actual buildings. However, it is on a state park and you may walk around outside. 
PLUGS is not responsible for any outside involvement. 


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