Hopefully, it's Nothing

Hopefully, it's Nothing

For a while, our apartment in Tucson has been relatively quiet, leading me to believe that whatever had been haunting us in Virginia had been associated strictly with the land or the apartment itself. 

Since living in our new apartment, little things have happened. I can't be sure whether it's paranormal or not, though. I plan on filming a tour of the apartment with explanations of what has happened later on. 

Anyway, our apartment is 1000sq ft. You walk into the kitchen/eating area, which opens into the family room and balcony, then to your left is my bathroom and our bedroom. To your right is a hallway leading to the second bathroom which my husband uses, and the spare bedroom. 

One of our couches is against the wall connecting to our bedroom, the other is against the wall connecting to the spare bedroom. I guess little incidents have happened pretty much everywhere in the apartment. 

In the kitchen, I'll notice cabinets opened after I've closed them. I can't be sure if it's paranormal, however, because our cat has a habit of opening them or sometimes climbing inside. In my bathroom, the shower curtain jerked once, but that could have been any number of things. 

In our bedroom, at any time of the day or night, you can hear a loud cracking sound, and what sounds like footsteps right over our heads. There are no apartments above us. Whenever I get spooked, I write if off as the apartment being older (it's more than 35 years old), and the walls being thin.

So the footsteps I think I heard above me could actually be the neighbors next door. 

The most bothersome thing has been the spare bedroom. 

The first night we moved in, my husband had three bad nightmares in a row that someone was sleeping in that room. It spooked him so badly that he wound up getting up in the middle of the night to put his two rifles next to our bed (neither are loaded and we don't keep ammo in the apartment. I think it just made him feel better). 

He hasn't had a nightmare since then, but he's never had one quite like that before, either. 

At times during the night I'll often hear movement in the spare bedroom or scratching on the walls. Most times I write it off as being the cat. We keep some boxes in the spare bedroom closet (his military gear that we haven't found a place for), and the cat likes to climb in there to take a nap. 

The past few nights, however, I've heard the same noises (scratching, rustling, movement) but the cat has been in the family room with me. 

These incidents are nowhere near as scary as what occurred in Virginia, but they make me curious. I haven't felt threatened or frightened in my apartment, so if there is something here, I don't think it's a bad entity. My cat doesn't puff up and hiss or yowl at nothing, like she did before. Sometimes she'll look up at something, but go back to sleep. 

I've brought this up with my husband, and while he agrees that he hears the noises in our bedroom, he blames everything on the apartment being old. I can't really argue with that, because that certainly can be the case. It's just an odd feeling I have. 

When I film the tour of the apartment tonight, I'll try to capture anything that happens and post it here.

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