When I was 14 I used to share a bedroom with my younger sister we had bunk beds.

My sister always liked to stay in my bed but one night she fell asleep in her bed because I was out. I got back about 9:30pm and went strait up to bed asIwas really sleepy.

I checked on my sister and then got in bed I always use to sleep with my phone on charge right next to me I fell straight to sleep .

I woke up and I seen like a black cloak floating at the side of my sister and my curtains were like the wind was blowing them even tho my windows where closed I was that scared I turned over got my phone and hid under my blanket and it felt like something sat at the side of me.

I closed my eyes thinking of good stuff and fell back to sleep the next morning I checked on my sister she was fine and couple of days after we changed rooms with my brother.

I am now 22 and have a son and me my partner recently moved in to my own place. I had been moved in for about a year. We decorated my sons room first so we was staying in my sons room while we was doing my bedroom my son was nearly 2 and he was staying on the mattress with me and my partner.

He woke up screaming he is pinching me and wouldn't look at the ceiling kept a tight grip on me and his face hid under my arm it happened a couple of times round about 3:30 am most nights.

One night we had our two nieces over my partner had been drinking and fell asleep downstairs on the sofa.

It we was still in my sons room my two nieces stayed in my sons bad and me and my son on the mattress my son was fast asleep me and my two nieces still awake it was bout 2:40 am as we couldn't sleep.

I just turned over to go sleep when my dog started to bark at the bedroom doorIhad a box at the top which got flung down the stairs and loud knocking on my front door I jumped up and there was no one there my dog was barking like mad at the bottom of the stairs the day after.

At about 9:30 pm I was taking pictures of my son and in the background in the window what looked like an old man staring inIwent to the window looked no one there took another and it had gone.

I have odd things happen to me like keys flung from a hook in my kitchen my TV sound goes right up to top sound.Ihad a friend staying and she said she heard crying coming from my bathroom which I had heard a few times.

I've told friends and family but they are very skeptic about it.

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