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I’d like to thank two good friends for providing me with a bit of information to complete this E-book. Thanks greatly, Joe Tokish and Phil Carter! I’d also like to thank all of’s fans and followers because without all of you, I’d probably lack the motivation to go through with this helpful book. Thank you all!


At the early age of 12, I had already been blown away when I had witnessed my first paranormal-event. At a time when most, if not all boys are still learning about the world around them, I was granted the opportunity to witness the world beyond our own, first-hand. It’s a mystical, mysterious-place with methods that defy anything we know here on Earth; While I have no way of proving that or what I (and a handful of others) had seen that night, the memory of what was…will forever remain.

I wrote about this specific-experience if you care to give it a read, here:

With the above said, I’d like to acknowledge that, while all hauntings share similarities, no two hauntings are the same. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that the information provided within this book will rid your home of any unwanted entity for certain. However, I do guarantee that I provide every bit of information to my knowledge on the most common and best practiced methods that work for many others to rid their homes.

I hope that this book helps you with your haunting and you’re finally able to live your life free of any unwanted spirits!










Many individuals have and will continue to go throughout their lives without experiencing anything that the scientific-field deems “Paranormal”. Many of those people are oblivious to the paranormal-world around them and are completely unaware of the terrifying encounters countless others have had faced and are currently struggling against.

Ghosts, Spirits, Demons, Poltergeists, EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) are often thought of as being a term found in the category of fantasy, make believe, non-existent or without concrete-proof. Easily dismissed as “an active imagination”, “hallucination” or just made up. I believe that’s why there’s such a stigma on this topic because a haunting can be dismissed and explained away as something natural.

And to be honest, in 95% of cases, that is true. Many “hauntings” are naturally occurring events not to mention those that hoax a haunting for fame and attention.

Credibility is easily lost in the paranormal-field due to the saturation of these types of events as most hauntings are seen as a hoax even if they truly are not.

On the other side of the coin though, there are many of us struggling with an invisible enemy (more often than not).

We desperately need help defending our loved ones or ourselves from something largely unknown and mysterious…something powerful and even destructive, mentally and physically…something that not even the top-scientists can explain that defies everything we know and learned about our world.

Often times, we feel helpless, at a loss and even feel like we may be going crazy. Rest assured that you most definitely are not and help is within reach!

This eBook will help guide you in the right direction from determining if you legitimately are experiencing a haunting to providing popular techniques, methods and strategies to best rid yourself of your entity and get your life back on track!


Despite the recent advances in modern technology, there are still some things that science simply can't explain. For instance, a living person clearly has something that a corpse does not.

A corpse is an inanimate object -- but at one time -- the inanimate object had the ability to move around, walk and talk. Many people would describe the essence that the living person has as a spirit or a soul.

When a person dies, this essence exits the body, leaving the inanimate corpse behind. However, some people's spirits remain behind in the world of the living long after they have departed their bodies.

These spirits are often times referred to as ghosts, and they can inhabit a house, church, hospital or virtually any other type of dwelling. Sometimes, a spirit will even attach itself to a person or an object, but this is extremely rare.

Most of the times, a spirit connects to a home in which it once lived, scaring anyone who moves in later. 


For many people, the American dream begins with buying a home. It takes a lot of discipline planning and saving to finally purchase a home, and you want everything to be perfect for yourself and your family.

However, purchasing a previously owned home can lead to a number of issues. One of the most traumatic events you can ever experience is finding out that your home is inhabited by a spirit or spirits.

However, you need to be sure that the unexplained events happening in your home are truly the results of a haunting and not just your over-active imagination. 


It can be difficult to pinpoint a haunting especially in an old house because older homes make a wide variety of odd noises anyway. It's also difficult, because there are different types of haunting's which display different characteristics.

Many people think a haunting means you have a specter regularly manifesting itself as a physical presence. However this is rarely the case, because most spirits aren't powerful enough to do this. Most hauntings are very subtle, consisting of unexplained events. A true haunting may also consist of odd sounds which can't be explained away as noisy pipes or an old furnace. 


  • DOORS AND CABINETS OPENING AND CLOSING - This doesn't necessarily mean doors slamming shut. Just like there are people with a wide range of personalities, not all ghosts are malevolent. Some are peaceful, gentle, humorous and even fearful. However, they seem to like to open and close doors in the homes they inhabit. 
  • WEIRD NOISES - This can be misleading in an older home, because an old furnace and even old floor boards can make unexplained noises. You may also have raccoon's or squirrels living in your attic that make odd noises. However, human moans, footsteps, knocks and other sounds could all be signs of a haunting. 
  • INANIMATE OBJECTS BEING MOVED - Most spirits don't want to be caught in the act but they will still move objects from one place to another. Items may disappear for days on end and suddenly reappear in plain sight. Finding something on the kitchen table after you've searched high and low could mean your home is haunted.
  • LIGHTS THAT TURN ON OR OFF - The inhabiting spirit will rarely turn the lights on and off while you're in the room, but you may wake up with the lights on when you're sure you turned them off before you went to sleep. You may have other electronics turned on and off such as the television or the radio.
  • SHADOWS IN EMPTY ROOMS - You may see shadows in your peripheral or moving across walls where there is no one there to cast them. It can be difficult to explain these shadows but they're sometimes a clear sign of a haunting. However, a car driving by your home at night can also cast odd shadows so you need to be sure it isn't caused by passing headlights.
  • HOT AND COLD SPOTS - Areas of your home that are substantially warmer or cooler than the rest of the home are also signs of a haunting. Some areas of the home can't be brought to the same temperature as the rest of the home regardless how many fans or heaters you use.
  • UNEASY AND UNUSUAL PET BEHAVIOR - Pets, especially dogs, can see things that people simply can't. If you have a dog that acts uneasy in a certain part of the home, you may have a haunting. The animal may also bark ferociously at nothing in particular or cower and whimper for no apparent reason. Cats may hiss and raise their backs in an aggressive way even though there's nothing there to cause the odd behavior.

While any combination of the previous events may mean you have a spirit inhabiting your home, you shouldn't over react if you see just one. However, the following signs are absolute proof of a strong spirit within your home. If the deceased person lived in the home for decades, the remaining spirit will be stronger and capable of displaying indisputable proof of its existence. 


  • PHYSICAL TOUCHING - It's not uncommon to feel like someone's watching you in a haunted home. However, you should be extremely cautious if you feel yourself being physically touched. This is especially true if the touching is malevolent or sexual in nature. A violent spirit is the worse type of haunting that you can experience, because it may attack you or your family members. Slapping and scratching is not uncommon in homes where the specter sees you as an intruder. Hair pulling is another sign of a violent spirit living within your home. The spirit may not realize that it's no longer alive, and this person still sees your home as his own. 
  • SCREAMING AND AUDIBLE TALKING - Light Whispers are one thing, but hearing yells or voices relaying distinct messages are especially disturbing. You may also hear a voice saying a particular name over and over.
  • Psychokinetic Activity- Seeing electronic devices turn on or off is an especially disturbing sign such as a vacuum cleaner that turns on and suddenly begins to move across the room. It takes an especially powerful spirit to do something like this and the electronic devices don't even have to be plugged in at the time. Lights that flicker on while the switch is toggled to the off position is another positive sign of a haunting.
  • LEVITATION - Seeing objects get thrown across the room or even levitate slowly is another sign of a very powerful spirit. This can be as small as a trembling glass of water or as great as furniture being moved across the room. Some spirits may even move living people pushing or pulling them several feet in one direction or the other.
  • OLFACTORY SENSES - Also know as smell. Often times, a malevolent spirit will produce a smell foul similar to rotten eggs or sulfur. Benevolent spirits can produce familiar smells that should remind you of them such as perfume or cologne, flowers or cigar smoke.
  • PHYSICAL MANIFESTATIONS - These manifestations may consist of hand writing on the walls, footprints moving through the home or indention's in a sofa where no one is sitting. You may also see the imprint of a human figure in a bed where no one is laying. These may be accompanied by the smells of cologne or perfume that you don't have in your home. You may also smell a disgusting stench which is a sign of a malevolent spirit.
  • APPARITIONS APPEARING- The most conclusive sign of a haunting is the appearance of a physical apparition. This can be something as simple as a shadowy figure that manifests itself for a few seconds at a time. It can also be a humanoid figure which actually resembles a living person.

Either way, a physical apparition is undeniable proof that your home is indeed haunted. This is also the most powerful type of spirit, and it will typically have the ability to move objects, power on electronics and even speak. 

Any spirit that is powerful enough to manifest itself in the living world is cause for real concern, even though the spirit may be friendly or even fearful of you. However, it's better to be safe than sorry when dealing with a haunting.

Once you're sure your home is indeed haunted, you'll want to take steps to protect yourself, your home and your family. It can be difficult to rid your home of these unwanted guests, but there are steps you can take.


Life is a cycle and like all cycles, it has an end. However, some people are unable to cross over when they're life cycle is interrupted. The most common cause of a haunting is someone being violently murdered in the home.

However, some people simply leave their essence in a home after years of residing there. In order to truly understand the haunting, you must understand what the deceased person was like in life.

In order to do this, you'll have to do some serious research into the home's previous owners. This can be quite the challenge in very old homes because the specter may have been in the home for decades.

It's extremely rare for a spirit to attach itself to a living being, but it does happen. In these instances, the spirit is usually someone who knew the living person, perhaps a friend or relative. Many times, the spirit feels like a protector, guiding the person through life.

Though, they can also attach themselves to people they like/dislike, or that remind them of a loved one/or victim if they were violent (rapists, murderers, etc.)

Unfortunately, the paranormal events usually do more harm than good. Seeing the signs of the haunting is enough to drive some people insane. Fortunately there are steps you can take when you find out your home is haunted.


A disembodied soul usually attaches itself to a home, because it's no longer able to reside in the corpse. It's very rare for a spirit to attach itself to an individual person, so it's really not you that's being haunted but your home…unless you have moved, or experienced the same things regardless of location you are.

In order to determine your next move, you'll need to determine the source of the spirit. This can be substantially easier if the home only had one previous owner.

Most homes are haunted by someone who previously lived there and died within the home. Fortunately, former deeds and other documents are public information. You can visit the local library and consult the census records to find out who used to live in your house.

The census is conducted once a decade and it can tell you who was living in your home in certain years.

You can also consult the obituaries because they may tell you when a former resident died. Cross referencing the Census and the obituaries is a time consuming task, but it can help you determine exactly who is haunting your home.

You can also track down the previous owner by requesting the property tax information. These records will show who paid the property tax before you, so you can ask the former owners if they ever experienced any paranormal issues. However, the former owner may be reluctant to disclose this information.

The former owners may have sold the home in order to rid themselves of the haunting, and they don't want to admit this to the new owner.

You can see copies of the city directory at most public libraries.

The city directory is the document people used to track each other prior to the invention of the phonebook. You can also rely upon the internet to determine who the spirit once belonged to, because a lot of public records can be found online. You may have to join a mailing list or even pay a monthly fee, but this is a small price to find out who's inside your home.

Historical Societies and Genealogy groups are excellent resources as well for research and information.

The best way to determine whose spirit now inhabits the home is to ask around your neighborhood. People may be slow to volunteer this information but most of them are all too happy to share when you initiate the conversation.

The worse your home's history, the more people will be willing to share. Finding out about a violent crime that took place in the home will certainly explain the existence of spirits. The older members of the community can be especially valuable in this situation, because they can tell you who once lived there and anyone who passed away inside the home.

It may take days, months or even years of research, but it's possible to pinpoint exactly who is haunting your home. However, you'll still have to determine whether to bring in a professional to assist you or deal with the issue yourself.


Most people might want to consult a professional team of paranormalists the second they find out their home is haunted. However, there are pros and cons to opening your home to a group of strangers.

First off, a professional team is going to turn your home into a carnival. All of your neighbors will wonder what's going on when trucks full of people begin to show up, setting up odd-looking equipment.

Your privacy will become a thing of the past until the team is able to figure out the cause of the haunting.

However, Legitimate teams will have non disclosure wavers and agreements to sign. They can't tell anyone anything unless you sign off on it. Make sure the team has this if you don't want people to know, then if they talk elsewhere about the investigation, you can sue.

If you are religious, and consult with a priest they too aren't allowed to talk about who or what was discussed, this is especially prevalent in Christian and Catholic organizations, and if Children are involved, both Priests/holy men and most paranormal teams will push everything aside to help a child.

There are a number of high-tech devices that must be placed in every room of the house, (including the bathroom) and most paranormal teams will move into the home until the task is complete.

However, there are a great number of advantages to using a professional team. Professionals have the experience to quickly deal with the haunting.

They also have the technology to find out exactly how many specters are inhabiting your home. What you think is a single haunting, may actually be several deceased individuals. These spirits may also be from different families and timelines, although this is very rare. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reclaim your home without making it look like a scene from Paranormal Activity. 

If you decide to deal with the haunting on your own, you'll be at a distinct disadvantage. You have no experience or the equipment to track a spirit. Even if you can pinpoint exactly who it is that you're dealing with, it's difficult to figure out what the spirit wants and needs. It takes nerves of steel to face this challenge without professional assistance but you get to keep your privacy. This is especially important if you have small children.

They might not think much of the haunting if you don't make a grand spectacle.

However, there a lot more likely to be afraid and traumatized if you allow a team of strangers to set up cumbersome equipment in every room. If the spirit shows any signs of being violent or particularly powerful, you should definitely have a consultation with a professional at the very least.

If the spirit is mostly friendly, opening and closing the occasional door, you might be able to handle the haunting on your own. There are a number of different steps you can take to put the disembodied spirit at ease. Just be 100% sure if it is a peaceful spirit that you do in fact want them gone, as once they gone. This, more often than not is a one way street, once they are gone, they are gone forever.

You may even be able to help the person pass on to the other side. This is the most important decision you will make regarding the haunting, but you should never attempt to deal with an angry or violent spirit yourself. 

Just like any other emergency, the severity of the problem should dictate whether you consult professionals or not. You wouldn't go to the emergency room for a broken fingernail, and you wouldn't put a bandage on a compound fracture.

Use your best judgement when deciding whether to use professionals or handle it yourself.


It's important to remember that your home and everything within it is for the living. The home may have once belonged to the former owner, but it's yours now. There are actually people who live side-by-side with the spirits who inhabit their homes, because most spirits aren't malevolent.

However, the most common reaction is to want to rid the home of the haunting, so that all who enter the home will be safe. Once you've decided that you don't want to live with the spirit anymore, you have a few options for driving it away. However, the method you choose will be more or less effective depending on the nature of the spirit.


This may seem like a rather simple suggestion, but it's the first step you should try. The chances are, the spirit has attempted to communicate with you, and you're already aware if it's malicious or benevolent. If the spirit has made no attempts to hurt anyone, it may actually listen to reason.

Let the deceased know that his or her presence in the home is causing problems and scaring the living. In some cases, the deceased aren't even aware that they've passed on. Taking more drastic steps first may end up hurting a spirit that meant you no harm.

Sometimes the haunting spirit is actually someone who you know or love, so it's best to tell a peaceful spirit to simply leave. This is substantially easier if you've already pinpointed who the spirit once belonged to. Call the person by his or her first name, and explain the situation. It's possible to reason with some spirits and simply ask them to leave, but this step shouldn't be tried with a malevolent or mischievous spirit. 

Willpower and belief in the ritual being performed will also play a gigantic role in it being effective. Also, if a spirit has been summoned/placed/etc by means of a specific ritual (voodoo, etc) you may need to consult someone from that faith to remove the spirit or walk you through reversing its residency as you can make things work (give more power to the spirit, or bring more to the location) if you don't perform the sequence involved properly.

Putting large mirrors on the fronts of doors is a surprisingly effective way to rid a home of an unwanted spirit. Convex mirrors are especially effective at driving away spirits, because their shape causes them to reflect more energy. Be sure to hang the mirrors on the fronts of the doors to keep the spirits out. Putting the mirrors on the backs of the doors may trap them inside the room.

This may anger a harmless spirit, making it act out. You should also consider hanging disco balls in the bedrooms, because spirits don't seem to like these either. Apparently, spirits like to remember themselves as being alive and seeing their deceased reflections makes them uncomfortable. Just as people are unlikely to stay somewhere uncomfortable, spirits may flee a dwelling with a lot of well hung mirrors.

Smudging is an ancient ritual started by the Native Americans. It consists of burning smudging sticks within the home to drive away the unwanted spirit. Smudging sticks are actually a form of incense which is composed from specific dried herbs.

Burning the sticks will agitate the spirit into leaving if the process is successful. If you can, contact a Native American shaman and ask which herbs you should use. If you can't find an expert on the subject of smudging, you should try burning sticks made from dried sage leaves. White sage is held in particularly high regard and it's known to be effective against a variety of spirits.

You can simply burn the dried sage alone or combine it with dried cedar, especially if it's native to your area. There's no need to chant or hold a séance after burning the sticks, but it will help to pray as a family. If the process is successful, all signs of the haunting should come to a cease. If not, you may have to try more drastic techniques. 

Salt is also effective in forming barriers. You can use salt that has been blessed (you can do this yourself or have it done) and line the the windows, and door ways of a home before burning sage. This will prevent the spirit from getting out of an area that is being cleansed and can greatly improve a rituals effectiveness

It may seem like something form a bad horror movie, but solving the haunting can get rid of spirits. Some spirits remain behind in the world of the living, because they have unfinished business. It may be a difficult process, but you can sometimes figure out why the spirit is still here and solve the issue.

Doing this can release the spirit to pass on which is probably what it wants anyway. This is the best way to get rid of a spirit that isn't harming anyone. Some of these spirits will even provide you with clues as to what it is they want or need.

Sometimes, the deceased simply have a last message they wish to pass on to a living relative. However, there may be no way to solve the haunting for an angry or harmful spirit. In these instances, it may be necessary to rely upon someone who can communicate with them directly.

This is an excellent way to speed the process of helping a benevolent spirit pass on. A medium can usually pick up on the energies within your home by simply stepping foot inside. He or she can tell you immediately who the spirit belongs to and what it's going to take to help it pass over.

Most experienced mediums can give you a wealth of information about the spirit without having to perform a séance. However, it's necessary to thoroughly research the medium's background because there are a lot of con-artists pretending to be true mediums.

Mediums can give you information that would have otherwise taken a team of paranormalists to uncover, but these people should never be consulted regarding a violent or malicious spirit. To deal with these beings, you should contact someone from the clergy.

Good mediums also can won't ask you anything about your home before hand, and will actually tell you exactly what you have experienced and probably expand on it. Those that can tell you about your spirits without any prior information are the ones worth using.

This step probably won't work against a friendly specter. The spirit may be that of a righteous person who will be completely unaffected by a religious blessing. However, a malevolent or mischievous spirit can be driven off by a priest, but you need to find someone with experience in this area. Just asking your church's preacher to pray over your home may not be enough.

You need to find someone who has dealt with malicious spirits before. The evil may be the soul of a person who was malicious in life or the result of something that happened within the home. Malevolent spirits can be composed of pure energy that became trapped in the home after someone was murdered in a horrific manor.

It's important to remember that these are supernatural entities, and a man of the cloth has friends in high places. If your home is possessed by something wicked, the home is imbalanced. You need a high influx of positive energy to bring the home back into balance, and drive the malicious spirit away.

You need someone who has dealt with these types of issues before, because an inexperienced individual can actually worsen the situation. There are also others who understand the supernatural even better than the clergy.

This step is a bit controversial, because people are afraid of voodoo and those who practice it. However, voodoo priests and priestesses have a deeper understanding of the paranormal, and they might be able to solve your issues for you. One tactic is to bring in another ghost to scare away the unwanted spirit.

This method of fighting fire with fire sounds ridiculous, but it's extremely effective. If you had unwanted mice in your home, getting a cat would be a great way to resolve the issue. Likewise, using a bigger, badder entity is a good way to get rid of an undead pest.

There's no need to fear the new ghost, because your priest or priestess will have complete control over this specter. There are also voodoo practitioners who can trap unwanted spirits in a bottle or a box and physically carry them from the home. 

Some spirits have such a strong bond with a particular dwelling that it's virtually impossible to separate the two. Some people are also uncomfortable with the idea of driving a spirit from the only home it has ever known. Moving to another home can be financially and socially destructive.

Neither your friends, family nor the lending institution will understand why you chose to leave a home into which you just moved. You'll lose the down payment you made on the home, and your credit will be destroyed.

However, moving may be the only step you can take to preserve your priceless sanity. This is especially the case when you're dealing with a malicious spirit, because your entire family is in danger. The angry spirit might see you and your family as intruders in its home.

When it attacks, it’s defending personal property from people it perceives as threats. The spirit may have inhabited the home for decades before you bought it, and attempting to drive it out might make it even more violent. This is especially true for spirits than manifest themselves into physical form. However, you should only consider moving after exhausting all other resources.


There are few important pointers to follow when dealing with a haunting. You already have a terrible situation, and you don't want to make it worse by doing the wrong thing. There are different types of hauntings and you want to take the appropriate steps or you could endanger everyone residing within the home. 

There are a number of people all around the world who have experienced a real haunting. There are even people from the scientific community who will acknowledge the existence of ghosts and spirits. However, some alleged hauntings are simply the figments of an overactive imagination.

This is what most people will instantly think if you tell them you suspect a haunting. Therefore, it's important to have someone else substantiate your claims for your own sake and for the sake of others. People will be more receptive to your plight if a second party sees and verifies the existence of a spirit. It'll also put your mind at ease to know that you're not losing your mind. 

In some ways, a more powerful spirit may be easier to deal with than a weaker spirit. A strong spirit can throw pictures from the wall and even speak to you in some cases. You can record the paranormal occurrences and document the things that are happening. No one who sees this evidence will tell you it's just your imagination.

However, it's easy to dismiss whispers and flickering lights of a weaker spirit. These subtle signs can completely unravel your mental health as you try to figure out if you're insane. People who you tell about these experiences will have a hard time believing you. You may be tempted to consult a psychiatrist or a psychologist, but this is usually a mistake. 


Doctors of mental health are obligated to find a medical explanation for the things you're experiencing. Unfortunately classifying your experience as a legitimate haunting isn't really an option for them.

These men and women may even convince you that things you're seeing are the result of a mental condition and prescribe you medicine that you don't need. Psychiatrists are very convincing, and they may convince you that you didn't see what you really did.

However, the doctor isn't there with you when you hear the laughter of children resonating through the empty home. There are a lot of people who hear voices in their heads and these people need their medication. However, the voices you're hearing may very well be real which is why you need a second person to confirm that your experiences are truly genuine. You should only seek medical attention if other people are unable to hear the voices in the home. 


First off, you need to remember that there are a lot of crooks looking to take advantage of people in your situation. These con-artists will do everything within their power to convince you that your home is haunted even if it isn't. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is conduct thorough research.

Perform thorough background checks on everyone that you bring into your home to help you. This applies to paranormalists, mediums and even priests. Many of these charlatans don't even believe in real hauntings. They may actually make the situation worse, especially if you're dealing with a violent or malicious spirit.

When the spirit realizes you're trying to drive it out it WILL retaliate. When this happens your supposed expert will become your greatest liability. Malicious spirits feed off of fear and a scared priest will only worsen the situation.

Most evil ghosts are just frustrated spirits that are tired of the living trying to drive them off. Others are the spirits of people who were just mean when they were alive. There are negative and violent forces and energies but these are rarely the spirits of the deceased.

This is negative energy that has become trapped within the home following something awful. There's a reason why most of the world's infamously haunted locations have terrible pasts.

The universe is balanced and something like a multiple homicide creates a negative balance. This negativity can become trapped within a dwelling, residing within the home the way a spirit resides within a body. These presences were born out of fear and despair, and fear strengthens them.

This is where it's important to have a real professional assist you. When the fake begins to see real paranormal activity that they didn't manufacture, they'll be more afraid than you are. This energy will only strengthen the negative presence.

You must remain calm while dealing with the negative presence and it will intentionally do things to frighten you. It needs your fear the way people need food and water. If you become hysterical, you'll only strengthen the presence. 

As you see, getting rid of an unwanted spirit can be a very daunting task. It may cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to drive the spirit away, so make sure it doesn't return. In most cases, the disembodied spirit will still be wandering the area around the home searching for a vessel. If your home isn't protected, the spirit may simply return and it may not be alone when it does. 

Hanging bulbs of garlic above all of the homes entrances is a great way to make sure the spirit doesn't return. This includes every door and every window that can be opened. You should take steps to protect windows even if it's a window in the basement or attic that you never open.

Remember, some specters have the ability to move things in the physical world, and the spirit may be able to open and unlock the door or window. You can also place ground brick dust at all entrances to keep any unwanted spirits from entering your home.

You can also make a mixture of salt, red and black pepper to keep the spirit from returning. Sprinkle a little of the mixture in every corner of every room and some in the center.

Let the spirits know that they're unwelcome in the home as you perform this ritual. If you didn't solve the haunting, the spirit is probably still hanging around the home and it will hear you.

There are a number of different relics that have been blessed by holy men and clerics. One of the best is holy water straight from a catholic cathedral.

Get as much of this water as you can, but you need to physically clean your home when using it. Completely scrub every corner of your home from the top of the attic to the bottom of the basement.

Remember that dust is composed of discarded skin cells. This lingering DNA may play a role in the spirits ability to remain within the home. Use the holy water to wipe away the years of dust and debris, and the spirit is far less likely to return.

You should also get rid of any clutter within the home, because malevolent spirits thrive on chaos. If your attic, basement or garage has become a haven for useless items with high sentimental value, you need to clear them out. 

Your life should return to normal once you get rid of the spirit and take steps to keep it out. However, you want to continue to progressive in your battle unless you solved the haunting. If the spirit feels at rest it should cross over and leave you alone. However, simply driving the spirit from the home leaves it with the opportunity to return.


It's important to remember that most spirits aren't there to cause you harm. Some of them are even there to try to help you. There's a rumor of an entire family of people who died after getting rid of their haunting spirit.

The lore says that the spirit was feeding on impurities within the family's drinking water. Once the spirit was no longer there, the family began to drink the toxic water and they eventually perished. It's difficult to substantiate this story, but there are many cases of benevolent spirits protecting people from danger. It's important to remember that the haunting spirit may actually be a guardian angel.

A ghost is simply a disembodied soul looking for a place to inhabit. Therefore, homes built on or around former burial grounds are particularly susceptible to hauntings. If you research a home before making a purchase, you might find out that it was built in a suspicious location. You may also find out that the home has a terrible past that makes it more prone to paranormal occurrences.

Unfortunately, most people don't think about these things until they're actually faced with a haunting. Many people simply dismiss ghost stories as something from movies and books, but there's a lot of evidence to the contrary. 

If you suspect a haunting, the first thing you should do is make sure there isn't a logical explanation for your experiences. There are a lot of reasons why you might hear strange sounds within an old home. If you're hearing voices, set up a recorder to capture them or have others come over and ask if they hear them as well.

You can even hire a medium to tell you if what you're going through is actually a haunting. A reputable paranormal team can do the same, but you should do thorough research before you hire anyone. Regardless of whether your haunting is real or not, you don't want to open your home to con-artists. Once you've determined that you’re haunting is indeed real, you need to take steps to drive away the presence. 

If the spirit seems friendly or neutral you can probably just command it to leave. You might also be able to figure out why the spirit remains in the living world and help it pass on. However, you'll have to figure out who the ghost once was. You can then find out how the person died and what it's going to take to help him or her rest. This is the best way to deal with a spirit so long as it isn't violent or mischievous.

You can also use mirrors and disco balls to drive the spirit out. Smudging will also get rid of most spirits. However, you don't want to use these techniques against a violent spirit.

A spirit that can manifest itself in the physical to attack people may be too strong for smoke and mirrors. Using these items may only serve to make the spirit angry and further endanger you. The angry spirit will probably begin to fight back in an attempt to defend the only home it has ever known. Malicious and violent spirits are the most difficult to handle, because they have the ability to hurt people. 

You'll need an experienced member of the clergy to drive away a malevolent spirit, but only ask someone who has done this before. It might be better to rely upon voodoo practitioners to perform this task, because they have more methods at their disposal. You can also try prayer to drive away a malicious spirit, because praying neutralizes wickedness.

You should pray as a family and ask that the house be cleansed of the spirit. You need to pray daily as a family, and the spirit may find the positive energy too overbearing. Once you've gotten rid of the spirit, you want to make sure it doesn't return. Brick dust is an effective deterrent to malicious spirits. Garlic can also keep spirits at bay, but your best option is to completely wipe every surface in the home with holy water.

This includes the rafters in the attic and anywhere else where dust may have accumulated. If you have any old furniture in the home from the previous owners, you should immediately get rid of it. Be sure to discard the furniture, because giving it away can lead to someone else's home becoming haunted.


There are a number of different ways to rid your home of a haunting, but information is your greatest weapon in this battle. Thankfully, the internet can provide you with a wealth of valuable information.

There are dozens of sites dedicated to helping you in this time of need, but some of them provide more viable information than others. It's possible to find out everything you need from the Internet if you simply know where to look. 

Paranormal Haze

While a bit outdated, this is an excellent site which gives you a lot of viable information about the paranormal. If you want to find out more information about your particular situation, this is an excellent place to begin. There's even a section dedicated to ridding your home of haunting spirits.

The site suggests a number of different remedies and gives detailed advice on how to use each. This is definitely one of the sites you need to visit if you find yourself dealing with a haunted house. However, there are other excellent sites with a lot of helpful information.

Haunted American Tours 

This is another extremely informative site that has a lot of information about the supernatural. Some of the information found here is a bit trivial, but the section about ridding your home of spirits is extremely useful. There are suggestions here that other sites neglect to mention, and there are even links to stories where each particular technique has worked before.

The site itself is a bit difficult to navigate but provides valuable resources that may not be covered in this eBook.

There are even videos dedicated to helping you get rid of these spirits. You're going to need all the information you can get to deal with this issue and Haunted American Tours can be a great asset. 

Wiki How

The site that has information about virtually everything also has viable ways to rid your home of spirits. The advice is easy to follow, because like all Wiki How Pages, it contains colorful animated pictures. The wording on Wiki How is also easier to understand than some of the other sites because they're written by professionals.

The suggested steps are easy to follow and surprisingly effective. Don't be fooled by the fact that this site isn't dedicated to the paranormal. Following this advicemight help you rid your home of the spirit within. 

Truth About Death

This site isn't specifically dedicated to ridding your home of spirits, but it does give a lot of information about ghosts and spirits. This interface is extremely easy to navigate and you may find exactly what you're looking for while you're here. Unlike other private sites, the ambiance isn't dark and depressing. Instead, the site provides an uplifting point of view.

Truth About Death deals with passing on as a necessary part of the life cycle.

This site even has a valuable blog section where you can share with others about your experience and find out what real people have done to deal with hauntings. There's a lot of information regarding what happens after death you should probably visit this site at some point. 


Thus site can teach you about almost anything. There are even videos dedicated to ridding your home of unwanted spirits. It's a lot easier to follow the advice on YouTube, because the videos are usually very detailed. Unfortunately, some of the videos are put on by low-budget production companies and you may have to search through a lot of videos to find what you need.

The following smudging video has been used by others who are dealing with a haunting. There are all sorts of videos that show you how to cleanse your home, perform an exorcism and protect your family from spirits.

I created as a medium for real ghost stories, photos discussions on anything paranormal and real ghost videos to be shared by those that have experienced the paranormal. Since 2009, the site has received thousands of submissions from real people just like you and I. Ghostsstory is a top paranormal site within the community.

After having seen an outpour of people asking for help with their hauntings, I figured the creation of this eBook was in order to help those in dire need of ridding their homes of unwanted entities.

The unique advantage of is the fact that I actually lived through a real paranormal experience unlike any other I’ve ever heard of. Fortunately, what I had experienced was the spirit of my father who posed no harm. However, there are others who come to the site to share their individual experiences which can be terrifying.

If you’d like to share your own experiences, just follow this link to get started.

Stranger Dimensions 

This is a great site for finding information about the paranormal. It isn't exclusively dedicated to ghosts and spirits but it does feature a section about the subject. This is a great place to search if you're unsure about your haunting. It gives viable advice on confirming your haunting. It's easy to get drawn into some of the more eccentric stories on this site but it's a great place to find out whether you're truly dealing with a haunting or not. There are even a few videos on the page that will help you to better understand what to look for. 

There is a lot of information on the web, but not all of it is worth following. You should do a lot of research before you ever attempt to rid your own home of a spirit, and the internet is a good place to start. Between the previously mentioned sites, you should be able to find all the information you need to determine your next move.


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