I Have A Spirit Guide / Guardian Angel

When I was younger (much younger), I suffered what doctors believed to be hallucinations of giant teddy bears that had a demonic presence about them. My earliest childhood memory is of myself laying in a crib in a dark room and this giant, black teddy bear with bright red eyes beginning to rise from the far right side of my crib. All I can remember after this is somebody saying, "You shall not touch this child!" It ducked down, and disappeared. They then began to pick me up and say "It's okay". And half way through picking me up is where the memory ends. However, hallucinations like this continued until I was about eight. To this day I still have a deathly fear of teddy bears and Disney Characters in the park. 

Continuing to the original topic, I remember I was about ten years old and in the middle of the night I was having a terrifying nightmare and I felt something outside the dream begin to rub me on the back. No words were spoken, only the feeling of the rubbing of my back. Of course this would tend to cringe anyone up after having eight years of hallucinations at ten years old. They say that if fear is strong enough, it will paralyze you. Well, I could move, but barely. I felt like stone. 

I was born with a bad heart; a rare condition known as congenital mitral valve stenosis. I was only supposed to live an hour. I have continued to defy doctor's melancholy predictions, becoming their best patient. But, it wasn't until last year that I began to dabble in my psychic intuition. I had always predicted death, and even know what people are about to say to me, however, I feel obliged not to tell them in fear of losing a friendship. So, it was the first day of school. and we were sitting in class, and some kid says, "I hear your psychic".

I said, "Well, yeah... but I can't control it." He bargained with me saying he would give me a dollar if I could prove to him I was psychic. I began to clear my mind. And the name Max popped into my head. I asked "Is anyone here named Max?" I began to auction off the offer "Going once, going twice". And before I could open my mouth a third time, a hardcover, 500 something paged Biology textbook that was standing straight up fell over. I thought to myself that I had gotten lucky.

Well, the one kid began to make fun of Max, only to find that when he picked up his binder it was covered in bite marks. I told the story about Max, and everyone would make fun of both him and myself. And when this occurred, strange things began to happen. Things leaning a certain way would fall the opposite way. A girl had said, "Yeah, what's he gonna do to us". She used the restroom, and it wasn't five minutes that she came running, SCREAMING, down the hallway saying she was sorry about making fun of Max. Apparently, she had walked up to the restroom and the door was swinging.

Nobody was walking out of the door, and nobody was inside. So, she was a little bit freaked out about this. She finished doing her business, washed her hands, and heard a loud bang on the wall. She jumped, and she thought it was coming from the boys bathroom. And sequentially, the stall doors slammed closed one by one. That's when she ran out screaming. 
I fell in the shower one time, and was about to fall in the direction of the tub, meaning that I would probably hit my head on the tile and die of a broken neck. Well, as I fell in that direction, I felt something literally push me from my back, and I ended up getting just a small bruise on my head after hitting the toilet. But what has really convinced me that I have a guardian angel is this: 

It was lunch time. A couple of bullies decided to mess with me. Well, this had been happening for a few days. And one day I took off from the scene in anger, tears in my eyes. (I cry when I get angry). On my way to the bathroom I met eyes with a a pale, scrawny kid. His face was pale and his face sunken in. He had black, spiky hair, and wore a red and white striped shirt. I get in the bathroom. Hit my head against the wall a couple of times in anger. Then, after a few minutes, I freshen up. I walk out, and everybody was excited about a fight that just happened. Apparently, this same kid that I had seen began to confront the kid who was messing with me.

The kid began to shove saying "Why ya gotta mess with a kid like that"! He then swung a few punches, hitting the bully every time. He had a bloody nose within seconds. By the time security got there, this kid was in agony. Even the school cop couldn't get this kid off the bully. They but the kid in handcuffs, but he still had not calmed down. Eventually, the kid had took down the cop and ran away. They looked the rest of the lunch hour, and they couldn't find him.(I know the police officer because I did his retirement portrait.) Well, he didn't get his handcuffs back.

Well, it was later in the day when I was walking down the art hallway and I stepped on something. It was a pair of handcuffs. The handcuffs the police had lost. And under the handcuffs was a note that said, Your Welcome- Max. I am convinced that Max is the presence I have felt all my life. He is my guardian angel. Now, every time I get a new girlfriend, when weird things start to happen like noises or things falling or banging on the walls (not in that way) that it is Max. I have to explain to her that it is my guardian angel, and he is very protective of me.

I say to her, as long as your with me, you will be safe. Most of them understand, because I date a lot of alternative, weird girls. And every once and awhile, I'll tell the story of Max, and they'll begin to make fun of him and myself. Then, strange things begin to happen. I warn you, he's probably reading this, and so it would behoove of you to not make fun of him.


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