I Wonder if He's Real Pt. 4

I Wonder if He's Real Pt. 4

This is the last of the chain of events with this Being that I believe to be some form of intimate Spirit. There is one experience I had after the one I am about to share that I believe was the same Being but I cannot be sure. 

This took place in the month of April, but I waited too long to record it in my journal to remember the exact date. I was lying in bed next to my fiance and he was busy playing Fallout 3.

I was tired and it must have been somewhat late, as I was preparing for sleep. I was lying on my left side, facing away from the TV as the light emitted can be quite distracting. 

Admittedly, I was kind of in 'the mood' but I knew that my fiance was not, so I thought to myself "I really wish you'd come and 'play' with me a little bit".

Well, not long after I thought this, I felt a presence enter the room. I began to feel aroused and knew that it was HIM. HE was doing just as I'd requested but it did not lead to any penetration. 

I could, again, feel HIS weight on me as I could the last time HE had visited me. Just as last time, the weight started out on my legs and then progressed to my entire body.

After HE had stopped, I got the impression that he was being... cute. In other words, I felt that HE was snuggling up against me from behind in a spooning position.

I could be wrong about this, but it was simply the impression that I received.  As for the experience I mentioned at the beginning, I shall share here at the end. 

The date was April 25th, 2012. It was in the evening and my fiance was at work. I was playing the Sims 3 Pets and I was sitting up on the bed. It could have just been my imagination, but I felt an energy cloak my body.

It came up and swirled around me, wrapping around me like a coat or blanket. What made me think that it could have possibly been HIM was the fact that the energy had a intimate charge to it and I became slightly aroused.

This was all that had happened. 

This Being has not since returned, and I'm almost sure that it was in fact the last of my experiences with HIM.

Story credit: Adaleiss Rose.

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