I Wonder if He's Real

I Wonder if He's Real

Hello, my name is Adaleiss Rose and I am seventeen years of age. I am new to this site and have been wanting to share this story with people who could possibly help me to figure this out.

I'm not sure how graphic this website allows one to get, but I shall try to give enough detail but I will not get too graphic. 

The date is February 14th, 2012, Valentine's Day. It was nearing midnight (around 11:20-30 p.m.) when my fiance returned home from work.

As usual, we smoked in his car and once we were finished, we returned inside. In my livingroom there are a total of two recliners and two couches.

My grandparents claim the recliners and the couches are for anyone. One of the couches are located next to the kitchen doorway and the other is located on the other side of the room next to the TV.

Since my eldest brother was lying on the couch by the kitchen, my fiance and myself claimed the remaining couch next to the TV.

Everyone was awake as we entered and my grandmother was watching a movie that I would guess was on LMN (Lifetime Movie Network).

I was the first to lie down, my back pressed against the rear of the couch and my fiance laid down in front of me. This was our position for a good ten minutes. 

As I continue lying there, I get a sensation in my left leg as if I were about to have a leg cramp. This happens often, as I am anemic and don't eat foods high in potassium.

So, not feeling up to dealing with one at the time, I figured that if I ignored it, it'd go away.

With time, it did; but the sensation changed. The 'cramp' feeling was now gone but was replaced with a stimulating feeling, as if something were trying to arouse me.

I did not think anything of this, as I'm quite capable of bringing that feeling on voluntarily; though I noticed that the feeling was distinctly different from when it's me.

I didn't think anything of it and continued watching TV. My fiance was sitting up at this point and had informed me that he was going to wash his hair.

He left after a few minutes. As soon as I heard the bathroom door close behind him, things got strange. 

With the click of the door, I hear myself say in my head "I want you". It was at this point that everything changed for me, and ever since I've never been the same.

The 'stimulating' feeling turned into penetration. It was not as if it were a solid, physical person, but I could definitely feel enough to know what was happening.

There was no sense of fear whatsoever, mostly shock, but not fear. I've read multiple stories about Incubi and Succubi and the likes of those types of energies, and they all seem to have one thing in common: the 'victim' could not move.

I tried to move in the midst of this and I was surprised to find that, yes, I could move.

I was wide awake and I could move. I peeked back at my grandmother, who didn't seem to notice anything going on! I shut my eyes and allowed it to do its thing, all the while encouraging him to do his deed, telling him what I wanted him to do.

My hips were rocking involuntarily, my heart was pounding, I was fighting to keep my breathing steady. It was happening, it was real. 

Suddenly it stopped and I opened my eyes to see my fiance standing over me. I smiled up at him and could feel HIM 'messing' with me, right in front of my fiance! I asked my fiance how long he'd been gone and he claimed it was only a maximum of two minutes.

I was taken aback. It felt much, much longer than only a couple of minutes. I told him about it, and that was a bad idea so I just kept my mouth shut and tried to forget about it.

The story doesn't end there... I shall share the other three accounts in which I've encountered this Being, as I must go soon. If anyone has any opinions or insight on what this could be, please do not hesitate.

Story Credit: Adaleiss Rose.

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